10 Facts About Hormonal Acne

Probably, you have ever faced skin problems like acne, especially when being a teenager. Pimples and breakouts may be your great enemy at a certain age. However, not everyone is lucky to have acne which may be hidden under the makeup. There are certain types of acne which stay on the face for a long time even when aging. Hormonal acne is an annoying problem you may face, which will definitely influence on your self-confidence. Though you do your best to get a soft and faultless skin, the result may not be satisfying. You look for effective methods to get rid of the unpleasant acne. These facts about hormonal acne should be taken into account when seeking for a clean and fresh skin.

1. It is proved that women at any age face hormonal acne. Great part of women at the age of 30 comes across this unpleasant issue, and it’s among the common problems we all face.

2. Acne changes its place when you become an adult. While teenagers have hormonal acne on the forehead and nose, adults face it on the jawline and chin.

3. Androgens are among the male hormones, which give rise to the appearance of acne. Androgens affect the oil glands and lead to annoying acne.


4. It’s worth knowing that when bumps are too sensitive, you deal with hormonal acne. There happens a production of harmful pimples, which can’t be picked because of not having a head. You are advised to skip picking them in order not to end up with acne scars.

5. There are levels of hormonal acne when topical treatments can’t do wonders for breakouts. The reason is the problem is deep in the body and can’t be seen at the surface. If your creams have no reaction to acne, you had better ask a professional for help.

6. To find an effective treatment for acne, you are advised to test your hormonal level. It will be a great idea for all types and levels of acne, which may give rise to other problems like extra weight or unpleasant growth of hair.

7. In case you start gaining and losing weight or you notice unpleasant growth of hair, you should find the reason in polycystic ovary syndrome. In this case you lose the balance of hormones. In case you deal with such problems, don’t hesitate to consult a doctor.

8. Oral contraceptives aid the hormones come to balance. The pills help you get rid of acne. The testosterone levels diminish which influences the production of oil and gives rise to acne. Decreasing these levels, the unpleasant acne will vanish or become less.

9. Though Spironolactone is designed to fight against high blood pressure, you may remove acne when adding oral contraceptives. It combats androgen and gives rise to the decrease of acne.

10. The problem of acne may lie in our diet, as well. Skip applying dairy products if you face hormonal acne. Stay away from some foods which cause acne and enlarge the use of foods less in glycemic index.
Thus, fight against hormonal acne and enjoy your glowy and perfect skin, after considering these essential facts.