10 Winter to Spring Skin Care Hacks

No matter whether you face skin dryness on cold winter days or not, you should make your skin get adjusted to new weather conditions by changing your skin care regimen. To enjoy a glowy skin in spring, you should reach for moisture-enhancing products as well as foundation. Change the ways of caring for your skin. Treat it differently in cold winter months and in cool spring. Consider each detail; from keeping the makeup kit pure to skipping the usage of certain products. Thus, take into consideration these 10 winter to spring skin care hacks and get your skin ready for the weather changes!

1. Clean Your Makeup Products and Tools in Spring

It’s a crucial step to pay attention to the expiration dates of the products and get rid of them in spring. To refresh your appearance, you are advised to put aside the products which have unpleasant smell or have altered their color. Keeping brushes pure is essential, as well, to get rid of bacteria, which may give rise to breakouts. Consider also that old SPF won’t be effective, as well.

2. Replace Your Moisturizing Products

When taking care of your skin in spring, you should first replace your heavy moisturizing product with a lighter one. Light moisturizing products should come forward with the passing cold weather. In case you stick to the heavy one in spring, the production of oil in your body won’t be controlled any more. Besides, you will have to deal with unpleasant clogged pores.

3. Frequent Exfoliation

Exfoliation and replacing the dead cells with the new ones is one of the winter to spring skin care hacks, which will give you a shiny complexion. In spring you are advised to go for frequent exfoliation with the help of scrubs. You may also opt for peels and enhance the exfoliation.

4. Change the Formula of Your Foundation

One of the crucial transformations you should go for when caring for your skin in spring is changing the foundation formula. Reach for foundations with light formula and forget about cream-based ones, which provide full coverage. You also have a chance to stick to a tinted moisturizing product in warm spring months.

5. Pay Much Attention to Your SPF

Though your SPF may be fabulous for winter months, you should substitute it for a stronger formula or use it more frequently. To provide your skin with 100 percent protection from the sun rays, you should skip applying makeup products high in SPF. Choose one which has a higher level of SPF.

6. Skip Applying Glycolic Acids and Retinoids

While in winter you may reach for glycolic acids and retinoids, you had better skip them in spring, as their ingredients boost the skin sensitivity to UV rays.

7. Consider the Medication

Medications make your skin become more sensitive to UV rays, so you had better apply products with more SPF or reach for topical medications in the evening. Be very attentive when using medication and consult a doctor.

8. Opt for Spa Treatment

One of the best winter to spring skin care hacks is to opt for a right spa treatment. You may opt for microdermabrasion or give a try to enzyme peel. You may also opt for laser treatment to remove unpleasant hair.

9. Change Your Lipstick

You should never apply the same lipstick both in winter and in spring. Stay away from cream-based lipsticks, which provide hydration in winter. Even in case you desire to wear a glossy lipstick, you should opt for one with light texture, as they will give your lips a fresh vibe.

10. Experiment with Antioxidant Serum

As spring makes you be outdoors for a long time, you should take care of your skin with antioxidant serums, as well. Reach for serums high in antioxidant and vitamin C for extra protection against UV rays.
To sum up, don’t forget about changing your makeup products and making them appropriate for warm spring months. These skin care hacks may be a great help to you.