14 Summer 2015 Must-Have Straw Hats To Accessorize Your Looks

Accessories are always at the spot of attention when creating a sophisticated and signature look. They are the leading staples of each trendy ensemble. Hats are definitely among the most astounding and attention-grasping accessories for each woman. Fortunately, you have an opportunity to sport this accessory in any weather, no matter whether it’s cold or hot outside. The only issue is to opt for a right fabric. Thus, we have picked 14 summer 2015 must-have straw hats to accessorize your looks.

1. Eugenia Kim Straw Hat

Created with a ribbed and woven fabric, Eugenia Kim straw hat is embellished with a black ribbon, becoming one of the must-have accessories for your look.

2. Filu Straw Hats

A creamy-toned straw hat with a white band and an eccentric design is a great summer 2015 accessory for the beach season.

3. Super Duper Straw Hat

Meet the coming season with a trendy accessory and spice up your straw hat with a red-toned knot for a shocking and striking vibe. This Super Duper hat is a must-have item to accessorize your look.

4. Janessa Leone Straw Hat

To embrace a classic and modern vibe, update your ensemble with a straw hat, which is embellished with a black band. Janessa Leone straw hat is a stunning accessory to opt for.

5. Giorgio Armani Straw Cap

Instead of wearing wide-brimmed straw hats, give a try to caps in a copper shade. They are equally gorgeous to spice up your trendy look.

6. Hat Attack Straw Hat

Be stylish when protecting your beautiful hair from the harmful sun rays. The woven fedora offered by Hat Attack, is the best accessory to stick to. Pull it off with a trendy kaftan, embellished with prints and rock your favorite bikini to complete your beachy look.

7. Henrik Vibskov Straw Hat

Being astounding with its woven design, this Henrik Vibskov straw hat is worth trying for summer 2015. It is adorned with a black band and is offered with a narrow brim.

8. Lanvin Straw Hat

Accessorize your summer look with Lanvin straw hat to get an ultra feminine and bewitching look. This woven and wide-brimmed straw hat is adorned with a white ribbon and an oversized flower adjusted to the side.

9. Maison Michel Straw Hat

Get an eye-catching look with another summer 2015 must-have straw hat. Created in black and yellowish-brown shades, Maison Michael wide-brimmed hat comes to accessorize your look.

10. Federica Moretti Straw Hat

Greenish-blue and cream shades are applied to feature this Federica Moretti straw cap. This narrow-brimmed cap is accessorized with a cute bow at the top.

11. Reinbard Plank Straw Hat

Have a look at the nude and wide-brimmed straw hat and dare to accessorize your look for summer 2015. It is fabulous even without any embellishments.

12. Maison Michel Straw Hat

Maison Michel offered a glamorous version of a straw cap in a nude tone. The black shade along the edge of the cap makes it more attractive for summer 2015.

13. Hat Attack Straw Hat

Bring your holiday look to perfection by choosing a wide-brimmed straw hat with a blue band rolled around. This raffia hat is the best option to protect your tresses from the sun rays and achieve a party-ready look.

14. Yohji Yamamoto Straw Hat

This black mountain straw hat is a striking accessory each girl must have in her closet. This flirty-brimmed hat will act as an ideal accessory for your vacation look.

Thus, get the best option from the great variety of straw hats and choose your favorite color to accessorize your look for summer 2015.