15 Pretty Pastel Nail Polishes for Spring

Pastel shades are dominating for this season. They refer not only to hair and clothes but to nail polishes, as well. You may embellish your nails with green or lilac shades and apply subtle pink color for a modern touch. Here are 15 pretty pastel nail polishes for spring to get inspired by.

1. Pastel Nail Polish from Nars

Here is one of the shocking and breathtaking colors. Due to its splendid formula, this pastel nail polish has a wild and a striking vibe, providing flexibility and a shiny finish.

2. Matte Nail Coat from Dolce & Gabbana Beauty

This pretty pastel nail polish makes the lacquer stay long on your nails and gets a matte finish after drying. To achieve a shocking manicure, opt for a combination of contrasting polishes, choosing one of them as the base hue and applying the second one on the nail tips.

3. Nailkale-Illuminator from Nails Inc

A manicure with bright and lucent colors has a nail bed brightening feature, making the tips look whiter and giving the nails a healthy vibe. This pretty pastel nail polish fights against nail stains and combats discoloration. Nailkale-Illuminator nail polish is packed with zinc and aldehyde, it is also high in calcium, which may add strength to your nails and nourish them.

4. Le Vernis Intense Color Nail Lacquer from Givenchy

Due to its exquisite formula, this Le Vernis Intense Color Nail Lacquer provides a perfect coverage and shiny finish. After the application of this pastel nail polish, your nails look like a mirror with transparency.

5. Burberry Beauty Nail Polish

The stunning nail polish in a pastel shade has a protective feature for your nails. It is also packed with a long-wearing property and provides a shiny finish. Burberry Beauty nail polish quickens the drying process of the mani. It is high in strengthening features and is a great moisturizer. Being rich in Vitamin B5, this pastel nail polish acts a protectant and fights against damages.

6. Cream Nail Polish from Essie

Cream nail polish from Essie is offered in various iconic hues, which give your nails an ideal coverage. This polish may be your guide to outstanding nails. It is deprived of DBP and is free of toluene.

7. Nail Lacquer from Butter London

This pastel nail is super fashionable and has a screaming beauty on the nails. The rich-toned polish gives a vibrant touch to the nails. Being packed with vitamins, Butter London Nail Lacquer strengthens the nails, giving a splendid coverage, as well.

8. Sheer Paint Pot from Ciate

One of the pretty pastel nail polishes worth trying for spring. Sheer Paint Pot from Ciate keeps the natural vibe of your nails and only makes them look shiny and attractive.

9. Nail Color from Deborah Lippmann

To look fresh for spring, start with your nails. The mint shade of this nail polish makes your nails look subtle and gorgeous.

10. Oxygen Nail Treatment from Julep

To treat your nails, which are weak and have a tendency to break, there is no better version than Oxygen Nail Treatment from Julep. Besides providing a lovely tint, it makes your nails stronger and prevents peeling.

11. Tulle Quintessential Collection from Jin Soon

This transparent cream nail polish adds a gorgeous and graceful layer to your nails. In case you are lack of time, you may avoid applying the base shade and only opt for this milky-toned mani from Jin Soon.

12. ‘Les Tendres’ Nail from Guerlain

No one will stay indifferent to your nails if you paint your nails with this pretty pastel nail polish from Guerlain. It may your guide to femininity and a striking beauty. Due to the vibrant tone and the shocking lustre, this nail polish is the favorite type for women seeking for a modern look. Besides, this mani has a long life on your nails.

13. Vernis in Love, French Paradise Collection from Lancome

For a polished and breathtaking look, coat your nails with this pastel nail polish, as its formula allows you to enjoy the color for a long time and gives your nails an exquisite vibe. Vernis in Love adds a shiny finish to your nails and is applied without any difficulty.

14. ‘Spring 2015’ Mini Four-Pack from Essie

Get your inspiration from this great collection of pastel nail polishes. They are all deprived of DBP as well as are free of toluene and formaldehyde. You may use them as the base shade and then layer with another mani with a quick drying feature.

15. Spring Summer Mini Gel Effect Collection from Nails Inc

This splendid collection is composed of 6 various polishes in a pretty pastel shade. They are aimed to add extra shine to your nails without the need of applying UV lamp. All these colors are a perfect option to stick to this spring.

Shift from burning shades and stick to subtle and sweet tones for spring 2015. Any of these pretty pastel nail polishes for 2015 may be your best friend, as they will spice up your nails and give them an updated vibe.