15 Spring-Ready Nail Art Designs to Try

Spring brings refreshment with it, offering you not only modern and lovely hairstyles but mani ideas, as well. Here are 15 spring-ready nail art designs to try, which will be your secret to a breathtaking and envy-evoking look.

1. Ice cream is so delicious when tasting. They are also magical when painted on the nails. The fabulous nail art design, resembling strawberry, seem quite pleasant and on your nails. For this design, you should apply pink base and cerate small dots in various colors, embellishing the tips with lime or lemon, as well.



2. Wearing a fantastic nail art design with a tribal print is a gorgeous option for spring. Give a try to this amazing design by playing with light blue, yellow and purple nail polishes. Create V-shaped forms with a black mani and enjoy your eye-catching nails.

3. To create a real masterpiece on your nails, you may go for abstract designs, working with yellow, blue and red manis on the white base. Let these bold and striking colors do their great job on your nails.

4. The half-moon nail art design doesn’t cease to be on trend this spring, as well. Pair it with a subtle ombre, playing with blue and white manis.

5. You have probably never experimented with cutouts on your nails. Give them a try this spring and go for exciting colors and strategic designs. You will look amazing but never boring.

6. Recreate bananas on your nails if you want to embrace the spring touch. It’s rather effortless to get this fantastic nail art design, as you will only need to grasp black, red and turquoise manis with a nail brush. First apply the greenish-blue shade as the base and then opt for the yellow mani to draw bananas in a half-moon form. Finally, reach for the black polish to bring your banana to end.

7. Get proud of your nails by experimenting with leopard printed designs. It will take you less than five minutes to rock this spring-ready nail art design. Use the pink shade to create the base and then start working on the leopard print. Apply silver mani to draw tiny circles and use the black one for outlining. Embellish the base with black dots, as well and finish the look with a top coat.

8. Palm trees come to symbolize the lovely days of spring and summer. Creating a sandy beach as the base, you may embellish it with amazing palm trees and embrace a gorgeous vibe. You may draw it either on all your nails or accentuate your ring finger.

9. Replace your traditional mani designs in nude shades with negative-space ones. You may be creative and draw various designs on each nail going for stripes, cubes as well as V-shaped forms.

10. Spring is the best season to give a try to color blocks. For this splendid design, you may apply the blue mani on all your nail and then using a tape both in a vertical and horizontal direction, go for other color blocks like yellow and pink. Finally, apply the top coat.

11. If you are for a minimalist nail art design, you may give a try to this astounding option. Reach for the blue base and outline it with a black mani to make your nails look fresh and edgy.

12. To look bold and make your fringe-embellished bikini complete, opt for another springy-ready nail art design, creating tropical flowers on the red base.

13. How yummy your nails will look, if you spice them up with tiny watermelons. This fruit looks screaming when applied on the white base. To get amazing watermelon, reach for a tiny brush and draw triangles, using a pink mani. Embellish the triangle top with a stripe in a green shade, adding pallid green stripes on it, as well. Create several tiny dots in black on the watermelon to resemble seeds.

14. Create a shocking look with your geometric nail art designs, drawn on the nail tips. To resemble this design, choose your favorite mani as the base color and then draw diagonal shapes on the tips, using the red mani and outline them with a black polish.

15. Your nails may catch everyone’s attention in spring when painted pastel shades. Choose neon nail polishes and adorn each nail with various mani options for an attractive vibe.
We hope you are already convinced that these spring-ready nail art designs are worth trying, if your aim is to make your fingers be at the spot of attention.