Drinks with the girls



After my shopping trip yesterday, I arranged to go for drinks with some friends at the pub. Now there is no real ‘etiquette’ when it comes to how to do your make-up when you’re off to the pub. You’re in that kind of awkward limbo of not wanting to look like you’ve spent hours on your face but wanting to look done up enough so that your friends think you made a bit of an effort for them.

So I thought this would be a good opportunity to try out my new Cargo Essential Palette in the colour Bronze.

This is how it turned out:





Nothing fancy, just a pretty bronze neutral eye with a little wing to tie everything together.

Now onto the Cargo palette.


I think this would be a great palette to use for work, school and just general everyday make-up. It even tells you where to place each shadow which is especially good for beginners who are just getting into make-up. As for the shadows themselves, they were ok. I found the bronze shade to be a little hard to work with, at least with the brush I used to apply it with (a MAC 239). I’m thinking if I applied it with a synthetic brush, it may have applied better so we will see! The problem I found with it was that it was a bit chunky so not the smooth application I was hoping for. For £20, it retails at a reasonable price for me, it was nothing spectacular but I’m putting that down to the bronze shade as I had no issues with the others.


Now onto how I created my eye look:

- I primed my eyes with a MAC paint in Bare Canvas

- Then with a MAC 224, I took a small amount of the crease colour and lightly buffed it into my crease, using circular motions

- I then took the lid colour on a MAC 239 and placed it all across my lid, being generous with the application

- I then took a small amount of the browbone colour and highlighted my browbone (duh) and my tearduct area

- Then I took the outer corner colour on a Sigma E35 and placed this in my crease

- I found that this wasn’t quite dark enough for me, so on the same brush I took a bit of Urban Decay’s Blackout and put that right in the outer V of my eye.

- For underneath my lash line, I placed the outer corner colour right up against my lashes and smudged it out with a pencil brush

- I completed the look with a thin line of MAC Blacktrack and Benefit’s They’re Real mascara.


I like how this turned out and I think I’ll be doing this again maybe for work as I think it looked really pretty and it would be a great look for summer.

Thanks for reading!

Bea x

8 thoughts on “Drinks with the girls

  1. Fatbeauty x

    what a gorgeous compact! :)

    Lovely post hun xx

    Lucie x

  2. Amy

    that eye look looks great! you should try the kay von d liquid eyeliner! xx

    • I’d love to try some of the Kav Von D stuff but we can’t get it here in the UK unfortunately :( xx

  3. Debra Bros

    Gorgeous eye look! I find that whenever I go to the pub I always clean towards doing a bronzey eye as well despite my usual everyday colours being champagne with a hint of black or rose gold. Have you tried any of the other colours for the Cargo Palettes?

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog

    • Yeah, me too :) I haven’t actually, this is the first Cargo product I’ve tried. The Vintage Escape palette looks right up my street though! x

  4. Maja

    I like these kind of eyeshadows where you can easily use just one product for eye make-up :) Thanks for your visit. I wish you a Happy New Year :) xx


  5. Eneshai

    Beautiful! :D Love your make up! I’ma follow you because I like the contents hehehe xx Hope you had a super duper Christmas!


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