Book Review: Outrageous Fortune by Lulu Taylor

Ok ok  I know this is a beauty blog. Therefore it is only right for you to expect 100% beauty related posts on here. So forgive me, but sometimes I’m going to want to branch out a bit and post about other things that I’m interested in. This blog is still 90% dedicated to talking about beauty but the other 10% will be made up of books, recipes, and just my daily life boringness! Because lets face it, Apple doesn’t sell apples right?

One of the other things I happen to be interested in is reading. Ever since I was little, I have loved reading. I think the first books I read properly were those little Pokemon stories, of which I read every one. And then there was Animal Farm and the Mary-Kate and Ashley series, slowly progressing to the likes of Joan Collins and 50 shades… but that’s for another day.



I recently finished ‘Outrageous Fortune’ by Lulu Taylor. I’m mostly a chick-lit kinda girl as I tend to use reading as a form of escapism. I read before I go to sleep every single night because it allows me to wind down and just turn my head off for a bit and allow my thoughts to go somewhere completely unrelated to where I am right now. And this book didn’t disappoint.

If you’re into the typical chick-lit narrative of a roller-coaster of equilibrium vs disequilibrium then you’re in a for a treat. In short, this book is about 2 girls from 2 completely different walks of life that come together in the end due to some unfortunate circumstances for them both.

I enjoyed this book. I will admit though it does drag a bit at times. But if you’re willing to sit it out to wait for the good bits then pick this up and you might find that you enjoy it. This is by no means a ‘thinking book’. What I mean by a thinking book is that you don’t have to stop reading half way through a page because you forgot which character is which or you don’t quite understand what’s going on. You don’t really have to pay that much attention to who each character is and there are no confusing plot lines. the twists are deliciously unravelled before your eyes, just enough for you to think you figured it out all along until the last minute.

I can imagine this being a pretty good holiday read actually. It’s long enough to really sink your teeth into and you could definitely get a weeks worth of reading material out of this if you’re a leisurely reader who likes to take their time.

So that’s just what I think. If you liked this review and would like to see more, let me know! I will be reading plenty of books which may provide me with some good blog posts if this is the kinda thing you like to read about?

What I’m reading now: ‘To touch the stars’ by Jessica Ruston

Thanks so much for reading :)

Bea x

2 thoughts on “Book Review: Outrageous Fortune by Lulu Taylor

  1. Hayley

    Great review! I think including lifestyle and interest posts is a great idea, blogging about one subject gets boring quickly! :)

    I also LOVE chick lit! Especially Sophia Kinsella’s books :)

  2. Ysabel Vitangcol

    Thanks for the book recommendation. I’ll try to find my own copy here. I love your blog too! I followed you via Bloglovin, hope you can follow me back! xx More power to you!

    Ysabel of Pleasantly Chic


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