HOW TO: Winged Eyeliner

Ever since I was around 14, I have worn eyeliner along my top lashline. I have never been much of a fan of it on my waterline as I feel that it closes my eyes off and I used one that really irritated my eyes when I was younger so I think I have been put off ever since then. My eyeliner of choice is MAC blacktrack and I use this every single day to finish off any eye look. For the past few years, I have been adding a wing as I think it makes such a difference and just creates a lovely shape.

So here’s how I do it:

You will need-






For my eyeliner, my preference is gel (MAC Blacktrack) as I think with a fineliner brush (MAC 210) I am able to have more control over the shape I’m creating and how thin or thick to create the line.

First of all, with a small amount of product on the brush, I add a thin line of eyeliner to my lashline and go back later to build it up until I’m happy with the thickness.



If you’re not confident in starting the wing free hand, it might be a good idea to take a make-up brush and line it up from the outer corner of your nose to the tail of your eyebrow. This should create a good angle for you to line up where your wing should start.



After that, I slowly trace a line from my outer corner to start the shape of my wing. I normally leave it pretty short as I don’t think it suits me when it’s too long which makes it easier to do. The line doesn’t need to be very neat as you’ll be going over this later.



Then you want to take your brush and join the top of the line to your lashline, creating a blank triangle. This will be the initial shape of your wing which you are able to go over until you get the thickness and length you’re happy with.

eyeliner4Lastly, you need to fill the blank triangle in and then go over the line you first created at your lashline until you are happy with the finished result.



And that is pretty much it! Now, I am no expert, this is just how I do it and this is what works for me. If you’d like to see more posts like this, let me know! I enjoyed doing it :)


Thanks for reading

Bea x



7 thoughts on “HOW TO: Winged Eyeliner

  1. Ruzin's Closet

    Beautiful eyeliner!

  2. Katie

    Great post as so many people struggle with liner! I do mine a bit higher and thicker than some peoples likings…whoops! Heh heh ;p

  3. Dolce Vita

    That looks beautiful! It’s very crisp and clean, you did a great job :) Thanks for the post!


  4. Jay Chapman

    Such a good tutorial. Very simple, clear and ready to follow xxx

  5. MissKnowItAll

    I suck at anything that has to do with make up! I am so glad hat I saw this post because people like me need to learn about such stuff!
    This was really cool and informative!


  6. Harlynn

    Awesome tutorial!! Definitely in need of this, haha.


  7. ambi

    i am so terrible applying an eyeliner :( you did such an awesome job doll !! xx


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