My Nails in January

Every month, I go to my local beauticians to get my nails done and every month I go through the gruelling task of deciding what to get. Lets be honest, if it’s going to stay on your nails for 4 weeks, you have to be happy with them! This is what I decided to go with this month:

January's nails

Just a pretty grey colour with a gold/silver glitter accent nail. I really like these and I think they’ll look even better with a tan! I have been going to the same place for around 2 years now which is called Perfect Beauty so if you’re in the Oldham area, you should definitely check them out as I never leave disappointed.

I’ve been running around like a headless chicken tonight as I went to the nail shop straight after work, left there around half 8, rushed home to make a cake for my friend’s birthday tomorrow and then had to do some last minute Avon orders as I completely forgot to do them yesterday! So now, I can finally relax a bit. I usually get in bed around half 9 (I get up at half 6 and don’t get home home until 6:30, don’t judge me!) so it is most definitely past my bed time!

Come back in 4 weeks time to see what I choose to get for my February nails :)

Thanks for reading

Bea x

7 thoughts on “My Nails in January

  1. Helena Lena

    This grey colour is really pretty :)


  2. Christina

    Grey is such a good color choice! I’m not sure why, but I’ve never thought to do that. :)


  3. Alexandra Charlotte (Sweet Dreams)

    Gorgeous, your nails look so pretty! I’ll be back to see what you have next month x

    Sweet Dreams

  4. ambi

    i love your manicure ! its so pretty :) xx

  5. Amy

    I love the colour, the nails look really nice! I’m a terrible excuse for a girl and have never actually had my nails done, I love the look of them on other people but I can’t ever get used to the long nails even with normal falsies!

  6. Nicola Robinson

    These look beautiful

  7. AmberandLace

    Wow! I am so jealous. I think you’ll be pretty happy with these through the end of the month.



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