HOW TO: Make your own face mask

Not everyone has the money to splash out on expensive skincare so we merely have to resign to using a home made mixture of whatever we find lying around the house sometimes, which is pretty much how things were done in the first place! The home made face mask I always turn to is perfect for oily skin (which I have in abundance) and is comprised of just two ingredients.

Knowing how to make your own face mask is a pretty good thing to know in my opinion as not every aspect of beautifying has to be expensive and high end. Giving yourself a budget for things like this is a great idea as a lot of the time, you can find the ingredients already in your kitchen. I think I found this recipe about a year ago whilst I was scrolling through Pinterest and it’s just so easy and simple, I couldn’t not share it with you.

You will need:

1 egg white and half a lemon’s juice. Yep, that’s it!

lemon and egg face mask


You want to start by cracking your egg and separating the white from the yolk. Split the white into a bowl and beat it until it becomes slightly frothy

beaten egg whites


Then you should add your lemon juice, making sure to take out any pips.

And then all that’s left is to slap it on your face. The easiest way I found to apply this was using a clean, flat foundation brush as the mixture is pretty liquidy and you really don’t need much of it to cover your face so if you have a friend over or a sister who you think could benefit from this, get them involved too!

Like I said, this is a great mixture for oily skin as lemon juice has natural cleaning properties and the egg white helps reduce oil on the skin. For that reason, I wouldn’t recommend this for people with dry skin as this will dry it out even more.

As soon as the mask begins to dry, you will notice your skin begin to feel tighter which to me, lets me know that it’s working! I like a mask that actually dries because it makes me feel as though it’s taking all the badness with it, when I wash it off ha!

Leave the mask on for around 30 minutes and when you’re ready to take it off, use a warm face cloth to remove it. Then use some moisturiser or a serum to add some moisture back into your skin. The one I chose to use today was one I received in a Glossy Box, a couple of months ago, which you can buy here.

harmony moisturising smoothie serum


And that is it :) let me know if you try this, it’s something relatively new for me and I really feel that it works.

Thanks for reading!

Bea x

6 thoughts on “HOW TO: Make your own face mask

  1. catewestbrook

    This mask is also good for shrinking pores. I have tried it before and noticed when I took it off, how smooth my skin was.

  2. Becky

    I love trying out homemade masks! I’ve seen a few egg white masks before, though I never really gave them much thought. I heard egg whites are great to use as homemade pore strips too!

  3. Jessica E

    Love the diy post, great if your on a budget and want to reduce those pesky pores haha! :) x

    Essence of Jess

  4. Gemma

    I’ve got quite dry skin, do you have any homemade face mask suggestions for me?

    Gems x

    • An avocado or oatmeal mixture could be great for dry skin? Anything that puts moisture back into your skin :) xx

  5. Belle B

    Such a good idea, I know what I’ll be doing this evening!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers


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