Beauty products I use on a daily basis

No matter how much make-up we have, there are always those staple beauty products which we tend to gravitate towards, whether it’s because they are old reliable favourites or because we want to use them up, everyone has these items in their current beauty regime. When I wake up in the morning, I don’t always have time to think too much about what I’m going to put on my face so sometimes it’s easier to reach for items I am more comfortable with using, without thinking ‘will this last all day?’ or ‘do I need a primer to get the right amount of colour pay off for this?’. These are questions I simply don’t have time to ponder during my morning make-up routine so I reach for the products I know will do the job for me.

Below is the current line-up of the beauty products I use on a daily basis:

daily beauty products


Some of these products are things I would repurchase and others are just things I feel I need to use up before I invest in something better. That is just the sensible side of me talking as I dread to think how much money I spend on make-up that goes unused!

From left to right is, Bourjois Delice de Poudre, MAC Paint Pot in Painterly, MAC Fluidline in Black Track, Ben Nye Banana Powder, Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation, Nivea Express Hydration Primer, Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara, Sleek Brow Kit in Light, L’Oreal True Match Concealer.

Some of these products, such as the Sleek brow skit, the Ben Nye banana powder, the Bourjois bronzer and the MAC paint pot are items I think I will be using for the forseeable future as they truly are some of my favourites. In all honesty, the only products I wouldn’t repurchase out of the ones shown here are the Rimmel foundation and the Maybelline mascara. Although it is well used, I have other foundations which I much prefer than the Rimmel lasting finish as I feel it doesn’t really complement my skin type. I use this for work as an every day foundation because I feel like it does have the lasting power but there are just others that suit my skin better! As for the mascara, there is nothing really wrong with this and as far as a high street mascara goes, this is pretty good. The best mascara I have come across for me is the Benefit They’re Real so I think I will be comparing most of the mascaras I try to that. It’s safe to say I have put it on a bit of a pedestal! The sleek brow kit has become my holy grail brow product in recent years. I apply this lightly with an angled brow brush and it just seems to be the perfect colour for me as my brows are pretty dark naturally so it doesn’t make them look ashy like many brow products do.

I personally love reading posts like this, partly because I’m nosey and partly because I think it’s really interesting to see what other people consider good enough to use every day!

Thanks for reading :)

Bea x


7 thoughts on “Beauty products I use on a daily basis

  1. Deborah

    Great products! I actually use that L’Oreal concealer as well and I love it :]

  2. Teen Diary

    Love those products, although I haven’t tried the Mascara, but I definitely do want to give it a try! x

  3. Jenny

    I love the Maybelline mascaras especially the falsies range xx ♥

  4. Cate Cruse

    I ADORE the Benefit They’re Real mascara – nothing else quite measures up, I agree! xoxo
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  5. Mélane

    Great post! I love to see what others are using :)
    xo Mélane
    Selfhelp | Inspiration | Motivation

  6. BerryBloomXO

    I COMPLETELY agree! I always gravitate to the “tried-and-tested” products of my cabinets, it’s just that much easier to do so!
    This was fun to read! Yes, I’m nosey too! haha!

  7. Ashlee

    I’ve never heard of the ben nye banana powder, what is it?

    Ash xxx


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