Friday’s Face

This week has been a little rubbish. I felt as though the first half of the week really dragged with nothing too exciting going on. I was literally just going to work and coming home everyday and the weather has been really miserable too here in the UK. The past 2 days have flown by really, mostly because I’ve been busy at work. Last night, I trusted my mum to take my weave out for me so it’s safe to say, I feel pretty bald right now even though it is quite clear that I’m not! After having lovely thick, long hair for the past 3 months, it’s going to be pretty hard to get used to having just my own hair again. Although, I did enjoy a proper scrub of my scalp as soon as I got in the shower! Ahh the little things in life.


So today I really wanted to add a bit of colour, just to liven things up as I certainly didn’t want to look as miserable as I feel at the moment! I also had to take into consideration the fact that I had an important meeting today so I didn’t want to go too over the top. So I went for a toned down, irredescent purple eyeshadow with a soft burgundy colour through the crease. The two colours I am talking about in particular are MAC’s Stars n Rockets and MAC’s Sketch, both absolutely beautiful colours (and look amazing with green eyes). On my face I used my lovely Maybelline Better Skin foundation, set with Ben Nye banana powder, Bourjois bronzer and MAC’s Melba blush. This was just enough colour for me to deem it work appropriate as well as having a bit of fun with my eye make-up.



Thanks for reading and have a great weekend :)

Bea x

5 thoughts on “Friday’s Face

  1. BreezeyBee Blog

    you look pretty! i need to get my hands on a ben nye powder!
    have a fab weekend

  2. joan

    you did a great job!
    these colors are surely matching your skin tone!

  3. MiraDevils (@MiraDevils)

    Sorry to hear your week wasn’t that great (mine was awful too). Hope it will improve pretty soon!! You look amazing. Love the eye makeup and your hair looks beautiful. You’re not looking bald at all haha :D

    xx Mira

    • Sorry to hear yours wasn’t great, lets both hope for a better week :) Thankyou so much haha I just feel it! xx

  4. ambi

    you look pretty doll love your eyes !! sorry to hear your week wasn’t that good …. mine were so hectic :( hopefully this week would be better :) lets hope for that !! xx


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