5 Recommended Eye Make-up Brushes from MAC

I have tried and tested a fair few brands of make-up brushes now, whether they be MAC, Real Techniques, Crown Brush or Sigma, they are all claiming and offering the same things. They promise flawless blending and application as well as being durable, soft and easy to work with. One brand that many people tend to gravitate towards for make-up brushes is MAC, mostly because they are easily one of the most well know cosmetic brands on the market and sit in that comfortable place between high end and drugstore. Not to mention their fresh, ever expanding product range.The first make-up brushes I bought were from MAC so I thought I would share with you my top 5 picks for MAC eye make-up brushes.

recommended mac makeup brushes


I have been using some of these brushes for 3 or so years so the branding isn’t visible on the handle anymore proving I have had plenty of use out of them! But you can see it on most of them :)

mac 217

MAC 217

First up is the MAC 217. I use this predominantly to blend darker shades into the crease area of my eye, creating a number of different styles with my make-up, providing me with some added definition. I also like this brush for applying a light wash of colour onto the lid rather than really packing it on with a flat brush. This brush is made from goat hair, making it really soft which makes it easy to blend with.

mac 224

MAC 224

The MAC 224 makes blending eyeshadows an absolute dream. I use this brush to blend eyeshadows above the crease to help create a subtle gradient effect which can be tricky to achieve but with this brush, it pretty much does all the work for you. This is like the 217′s older, more experienced sister who’s a bit bigger with a tapered brush head to make blown out crease shadows in the crease look flawlessly blended and feathered out.

mac 239

MAC 239

The MAC 239 was the first eye shadow brush I ever bought from MAC and I loved it instantly. When I first started really getting into make-up and make-up application, this brush was an absolute saviour as I really enjoyed finding which eyeshadow textures worked best with this and experimenting with more adventurous looks, the more confident I became in my abilities. I use this brush for packing eyeshadow on the lid and using the tip to run colour along my lower lashline.

mac 242


MAC 242

I bought the MAC 242  about a year ago and I have come to really enjoy using this for cream products and pigments. I feel like the synthetic hair really helps to grip loose pigments and I also like to use this brush when I want to make metallic eyeshadows really pop so I spray it with a little Fix+ and it applies the eyeshadow so vividly with hardly any fall out.

mac 266


MAC 263

And last but not least, I use the MAC 263 for a multitude of things. First and foremost, I use it to shape my brows using my Sleek brow kit as I feel that I get a more natural look using this method and I never have to worry about my brows looking sparse. I also use this brush for running eyeshadows along my lower lash line when I want it to look neat, tidy and pulled together.

I hope you like my recommendations :) I chose these based on my own personal experience with MAC brushes so I hope you found this helpful! Let me know of any MAC brushes you like by leaving a comment or feel free to tweet me at @beasbeautyblog.

Thanks for reading!

Bea x

3 thoughts on “5 Recommended Eye Make-up Brushes from MAC

  1. Phoebe

    I LOVEEEE the MAC 266, which is the same as 263 but with natural hair :) I will definitely need to have a look at this 263 :D

    Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

  2. Masha

    I have never been able to get myself to buy Mac brushes thus far but the 239 does look amazing!


  3. Ashlee

    Love mac brushes, couldn’t be without my 217!

    Ash xxx



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