Review: Avon Corrector Palette

avon colour corrector palette


Being an Avon representative, I am able to find out about new, up and coming products about 6 weeks before they are available to buy in the brochures sent out to customers. When I saw this in my ‘First Look’ brochure for representatives, I decided straight away to buy it as I was instantly intrigued. This product is a relaunch of one of many products from Jilian Dempsey’s makeup line for Avon so I was expecting good things from this!

This product is available in Light and Dark and due to my skin tone being on the fair side, I chose to use Light.

So what is this meant to do? The different colours in the palette are supposed to even out the colour of your skin including yellow (to correct redness), peach (to correct purple tones on warm toned skin), pink (to correct purple tones on cool toned skin) and finally the skin tone colour to conceal.


avon colour corrector packaging


The packaging was standard black round plastic with the Avon branding on the lid of the palette. I feel like the quality, compared with other Avon compacts, wasn’t as good as some others I have tried. I also feel like it could have been improved by adding a mirror to the inner section of the lid.


The morning after I received this, I went to apply the peach shade to my under eye area as peach counteracts purple tones under the eyes which I feel I suffer with, especially after a big night out! The texture of these correctors are very creamy with sheer pigmentation which isn’t a problem but for me, I would have preferred a high coverage as I didn’t feel like it made a huge difference on me. I don’t get too much redness, so I didn’t bother trying the yellow corrector and I feel like my skin tone is slightly more on the warmer side which is why I opted to use the peach corrector. The concealer in this palette isn’t much to write home about as, similar to the other colours, the pigmentation is very sheer. However, when applied over the top of the peach corrector, I did feel like it brightened up my under eye area which I was pleased with. However, I applied this at 6:45am and checked my make-up in the mirror at work at around 9:30am and noticed this had creased significantly, even after setting with a translucent powder so I was pretty disappointed with that.

Below is a before and after picture of the product applied on myself:

before and after avon colour corrector


As you can see, there is a slight improvement in my under eye area.


I love the concept of this palette and I believe it would be a good purchase for someone building a kit, just to have the option to use a product like this on clients will make a difference for you. Personally, I won’t rave about this product as it didn’t do much for me but if you prefer a light application in a corrector then this could be for you. I personally am the kind of girl that wears make-up to express myself creatively, to get noticed. If what I’m putting on my face isn’t transforming me in some way, then to me, there’s just no point. I know plenty of girls that are the total opposite and that is great, make-up is all about personal preference! :)

If you have tried this product, I’d love to know your thoughts on it. Leave me a comment or tweet me at @beasbeautyblog.

Thanks for reading!

Bea x

One thought on “Review: Avon Corrector Palette

  1. Ray

    This reminds me of the Secret Camouflage concealer by Laura Mercier.


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