Review: Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

I understand that this is maybe a little late. I’ve already missed the influx of raving reviews for this product but I only received this product on Christmas Day so I felt as though I really want to get to grips with this before posting a detailed review on it.

The hype surrounding this palette, like so many other Urban Decay products was phenomenal, saturating every social media platform and coming at us from every angle they possibly could. This ensured that when the UK launch date approached, there were plenty of girls lined up to get this palette, just in time for Christmas.

urban decay naked 3 palette


Like it’s predecessors (The Naked and Naked 2 palettes) this brand new addition to the Naked family brought about 12 brand new neutral shades, promising to make the most of any eye colour with a range of finishes, in both light and dark shades.

Urban Decay states: “Experiment with 12 TOTALLY NEW rose-hued neutrals in every finish imaginable. From the palest, shimmery pink to the deepest black matte with red micro-glitter, these neutrals will make you want to get Naked all over again.

urban decay naked 3 colours


From left to right, the 12 shades in this palette are: Strange, Dust, Burnout, Limit, Buzz, Trick, Nooner, Liar, Factory, Mugshot, Darkside and Blackheart.

urban decay naked 3 swatches

I have many Urban Decay palettes so I had very high hopes for this one indeed. There is no denying that it is absolutely gorgeous, as are the colours. But let’s get a little more in depth.


Similar to the Naked 2, the shades in the Naked 3 are presented in a tin style case, making it feel very durable and perfect for travelling with a handy little click-shut lid. As with the other palettes, there is a great full width mirror and a double ended eyeshadow brush. I actually like these brushes that come with the Urban Decay palettes as they are synthetic haired, I like to use them to apply cream eyeshadows and primers. I don’t like to see anything wasted!


Like I said, I own a lot of Urban Decay palettes so I know the kind of standard I was looking for with this palette. The first shade I tried was ‘Trick’ as this was the one that caught my eye first of all. I was disappointed with this when I first applied it because I found it to be really crumbly and the fall out was ridiculous. I also found this to be the case with ‘Dust’ which is another highly frosted shade with chunky glitter particles. However, I didn’t want to give up on these shades so I tried applying them with some Fix+ and sure enough, they looked beautiful. Much better than the first time.

However, I feel like the real stars in this palette are the darker shades as they are look pigmented and they blended beautifully, just like my other Urban Decay eyeshadows. Cue a sigh of relief. I also love Nooner as this is a gorgeous crease colour and adds just enough depth.


I have mixed feelings about this aspect of the product. On one hand, Urban Decay have got it spot on with this as it is the perfect addition to the Naked family which have been absolutely raved about, throughout the beauty community. And long may they reign in my opinion! On the other hand, if this was a stand alone product or if I had no idea that the other palettes had been released or if I had no prior knowledge about Urban Decay themselves, I probably wouldn’t be tempted to pick this up. Why? Because to me, all of the colours are so so similar and for a girl who loves her brighter colours, it just didn’t do it for me. But I love the funkier side to Urban Decay and I’m always first in line to try out their new brighter coloured palettes such as the Vice and Vice 2. Having said that, the original Naked palette will always be one of my favourites as I use this on a regular basis!


This palette retails for £37 from Debenhams and can be bought here, along with House of Fraser and Beauty Bay. I think this was a suitable price due to the other palettes being launched at this price and also when you think of the amount of eyeshadows you’re getting, it isn’t much to pay at all. Especially if you will get a lot of use from them which I’m expecting many will.

And those are pretty much my thoughts on the Naked 3 palette. If you think I’ve missed anything out or would like to ask me a question, feel free to leave me a comment or tweet me at @beasbeautyblog.

Thanks for reading!

Bea x

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