HOW TO: Fix a Broken Powder Compact

There is nothing more frustrating than buying a gorgeous new powder compact, whether it be a face powder or an eye shadow, and to accidentally break it. But instead of throwing it away because you are no longer able to use it, here is a quick way to rescue your broken powder compacts and make them usable again.

how to fix a broken compact

You will need:

- Broken compact

-Rubbing Alcohol

-Plastic bag

You want to start by placing your broken compact inside the plastic bag (I just used a sandwich bag) and over the plastic, press down onto the compact so it is fully crushed, so that it looks something like this.

broken compact

Remove the compact from the plastic bag and grab your rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is used to bond the powder particles so you can mold it back to shape and it dries pretty quickly afterwards.

Apply a few drops of the rubbing alcohol and use your finger to manipulate the shape of the compact so that it looks as neat as possible. The compact I had to fix had a few different colours in it so there was no way I could get it to look like that again so just bear that in mind if you’re trying this!

This is what your compact should look like once you have finished molding it. Even if it doesn’t look completely smooth, it is still completely usable!

finished compact

Hopefully this helped a few of you :) I know it definitely helped me as I was ready to throw a lot of products away when they broke!

Let me know how you get on if you try this by leaving me a comment or contacting me on twitter at @beasbeautyblog.

Thanks for reading!

Bea x

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