Best of Avon

If you’ve read any of my previous posts, you will know that I have been an Avon representative for around 2 years, meaning I am able to try out lots of new products, a few weeks earlier than everyone else which I love. It’s because of this that I have been able to accumulate a great list of some of my favourite products by Avon, which I’m sharing with you!



I have a good mix of products in my favourites list, ranging from make-up to hair and skincare. From left to right we have True Colour Blusher in Russet, SuperShock eye pencils, BB Cream, Ultra Colour Lipsticks, Far Away Bella Body Lotion, Argan Oil Hair Serum, Glycerine Hand and Nail cream, Argan Oil Shampoo. All of these products are things I use on a regular basis and would highly recommend to anyone!

True Colour Blusher

All of the blushes in this range are incredibly pigmented and stay on all day. My favourite is the colour Russet which I wore a lot around Autumn time as it’s a lovely brick type colour. It’s pretty unique actually, I don’t remember seeing a colour like this by any other brand and I can imagine this would look beautiful on deeper skintones. Samantha Chapman from Pixiwoo is also a big fan of the true colour blushes as I remember seeing her use Earthen Rose in many of her older tutorials on Youtube.

SuperShock Eye Pencils

I am yet to find an eyeliner I like more than these. That may be a bold statement but it is totally justified as these are quite simply, incredible. If I had to choose 2 products from Avon that I would say you HAD to buy, this would be one of them. They first launched the black version of this pencil which is, to this day, the blackest black eyeliner I have ever used and it literally does not move all day. Having said that, they are so creamy that when blended out, you can create some really subtle looks with these.

BB Cream

This was launched last year when BB creams were being raved about all throughout summer, promising glowing skin with added benefits. I’ll be honest and say I have struggled to find a foundation from Avon that I have liked as the consistency and coverage just hasn’t been to my liking. But I found myself wearing this quite often through Summer as a lightweight base which was really easy to blend.

Ultra Colour Lipsticks

These are a recent addition to the Avon product line and they are unlike any I have tried before from them. I enjoy how creamy they are, not providing too much colour but just enough which is perfect, especially coming up to the warmer months of the year. Similar to their foundations, I don’t often like the lipsticks from Avon because I have found that they have a funny taste in the past for some reason! But these are fine and they wear really nicely.

Far Away Bella Body Lotion

Starting on skincare, whenever I have a flick through the Avon brochure (representatives like to do a bit of shopping too!) I always hover over the make-up section but just kind of skim read through the skincare. I had a bad experience with an Avon cleanser once when it completely broke me out so I was wary of trying them again. But I felt safe with a Body Lotion and this came with a set including a full size perfume, a mini perfume and the Body lotion so I held onto the body lotion and really enjoyed it!


Argan Oil Hair Serum

There aren’t enough words in the English dictionary to praise this product. Argan oil is a pretty well known product, or at least I thought it was. I always lusted after products with Argan in it but I always thought they were really expensive so when I saw that Avon was launching this, last year, I was so excited! And I was right to be because this is my holy grail hair product now. I use this as soon as I get out of the shower, on towel dried hair. It is particularly good on dry and damaged hair as, when you blow dry your hair, it feels so soft and silky.

Glycerine Hand and Nail Cream

Throughout Winter, my poor hands get really dry, especially around my cuticle area as I get my nails done pretty often which means the products used can dry them out further. A hand cream with glycerine can have repairing properties, helping restore the skin and help to retain moisture, all the things I look for in Winter!

Argan Oil Shampoo

And last but not least, following on from my love of the Argan Oil serum, I like to use it’s sister product, the Argan Oil shampoo. I feel like this really makes a difference and helps to keep my hair looking healthy and feeling squeaky clean! Plus it’s always on offer so I like to stock up on this, on the off chance that they discontinue it (which I really hope they don’t).


Which Avon products couldn’t you live without? Let me know in the comments or tweet me at @beasbeautyblog.

Thanks for reading!

Bea x


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