Review: Tanya Burr Lips

Unlike seemingly every other beauty blogger, I didn’t get to experience the hype in the lead up to the launch of Tanya Burr’s Lips and Nails collection as I actually only found out she was bringing these out, the day before the launch! In a way I was pleased about that as it was nice to not have to wait forever for them to come out, unlike every other product I hear about months before the launch date (hint hint Naked 3)! So of course, the day these launched, I went straight to Feel Unique to purchase a couple for myself.

Whenever a new product is launched, depending on how pricey it is, I like to buy a couple of different colours, in different finishes if possible. This is because, in my experience, just because 2 colours are in the same range, doesn’t mean the quality will be exactly the same.

From Tanya Burr’s range I decided to buy 2 lipglosses. I don’t use much nail varnish as I go to a beautician to get my nails done so I knew straight away I would get far more use out of the lipglosses.

The shades I decided to go for were Afternoon Tea (a shimmer free pale pink) and Champagne Toast (a warm, sheer nude with added sparkle).

tanya burr lipgloss (640x427)


The first one I tried was Afternoon Tea which I wore on its own as I felt it was pretty pigmented with just enough colour pay off. You can see me wear this in my Taupe Sparkle post so you can see for yourself what you think of it!

I bought Champagne Toast as I thought this would look really pretty over the top of some of the paler lipsticks I own, to make my lips look a little plumper.

tanya burr lips swatches (640x427)


Above you can see side by side swatches of the two lipglosses, showing you how pigmented Afternoon Tea is compared to Champagne Toast. I actually really like the difference between these two as I feel I can get different looks from both of these making them pretty versatile.


Now onto the nitty gritty stuff. These smell SO GOOD. Like, good enough to eat. I can’t put my finger on exactly what they smell of but I know it’s sweet and I know it’s yummy and that’s good enough for me! I can imagine the smell might put some people off as I’m a big fan of the trademark MAC lipstick smell but I know some people really hate it so I’m guessing it would be a similar situation with this product.


I’ve been using these pretty much every day for the past week so I have a pretty good idea of how long these wear for. Due to these being a gloss, I wasn’t expecting much wear time because obviously I need to eat and drink and I hate doing that with lipgloss on. But during the periods of time where I didn’t need to do those things, I had no issue with these wearing off and my lips still looked and felt glossy for around 2 hours. I’m sure, if I wasn’t so bothered about keeping myself hydrated, I would get far longer out of them!


The packaging is pretty standard to be honest. I’m not going to knock Tanya for the design of these because if I’m being totally honest, her name alone was enough to sell them so fancy packaging was just not needed which is totally fine with me. They have some branding on there, showing off the product inside with a name label on the bottom so that ticks all the boxes for me!

Overall, these are a nice product and for £7 each, I was very happy to try them. Will they become a staple item in my make-up collection? Probably not. But that’s not to say there is anything wrong with them. They are just a really nice addition :).

What do you think of the Tanya Burr Lips and Nails collection? Let me know in the comments or tweet me at @beasbeautyblog.

Thanks for reading :)

Bea x

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