Valentines Day Box Swap

A couple of weeks ago, I signed up to take part in my first swap which was a Valentines theme! This was organised by the lovely Lucie from FatBeautyx and Samantha from Mascara and Cakes. I was so excited to take part in this because I love reading swap blog posts so to be able to take part in my own has been a fun little challenge!

So, for anyone who didn’t read up on the swap organised by this beautiful pair, I’ll quickly fill you in. It was a Secret Santa sort of deal where we got paired with another blogger who had signed up and we each had to spend £20 on each other. In the sign up process, we had to list 5 of our favourite high street beauty products to give our swap partners an idea of the kinds of things we like!

This is what I received from my Valentine, Rachel:

Valentines Box Swap (640x427)


I think Rachel did a pretty great job at keeping up the Valentines theme! Anyone who gives me chocolate is a winner in my eyes ;). A lot of these products are things that I’m really looking forward to trying! I already have the Maybelline Colour Tattoo that she sent me and it is one that I absolutely love which gives me even more reason to use it up!

The two products that have really stood out for me are the This Works: Sleep solutions and the A Great Kisser lip balm from Soap and Glory. I have never been a great sleeper and by that I mean I very rarely sleep solidly through the night for whatever reason. Hopefully the this works product will help me! I’m really looking forward to trying it out. As for the Soap and Glory lip balm, I have pretty much already fallen in love with this. As the tin says, it smells and tastes exactly like chocolate cherries and it feels amazing on my lips. This has gone straight into my handbag!

I was waiting for my box to arrive with great anticipation and the lovely Rachel did not disappoint. It was here at the beginning of the week, in plenty of time for Valentines Day! You can visit her blog here.

I hope you had an amazing weekend and Valentines Day, however you spent it! :) if you participated in the swap, send me a link to your post showing off what you got! Leave me a comment or tweet me at @beasbeautyblog.

Thanks for reading!

Bea x


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3 thoughts on “Valentines Day Box Swap

  1. Fatbeauty x

    what an amazing box! awww im so glad you got spoilt like all the other girlies :D You all enjoy it and so much more xxxxxx

  2. mascaraandcakes

    You received some lovely gifts! So happy that you partook and you were seriously spoilt! Really jealous of This Works: Sleep! Great post hun xx

  3. gingersbakes

    You received some lovely gifts! Super jealous of your This Works: Sleep have always wanted to try it. So glad you partook in the box swap and great post :) x


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