MAC Make-up Lesson

A few weeks ago, I decided to book myself a lesson at my local MAC counter. I have had my make-up done at MAC a couple of times now and it always really bugs me when I can’t see what they’re doing! I am always looking to improve and I thought learning from a professional would be the best way to do that, especially with a brand I have invested a lot of money in. The lesson cost me £50, which I had to pay for when I booked it over the phone. This may seem like a lot but you get £50 worth of products to spend at the end of your lesson which lasts for about an hour and a half.

This is the look I ended up with

smokey purple (1280x853)


I had my lesson at the MAC counter in Selfridges at the Trafford Centre with a lovely girl named Chelsea who was really easy going and the time flew by.

We started off by discussing what it was I wanted to learn and we talked about how I would normally do my make-up. I told her there wasn’t anything in particular that I wanted to learn and that I was just interested in picking up a few tips and seeing how their techniques compared to my own.

The way it works is, the make-up artist does one half of your face and you essentially match up the other side, step by step.

We started by doing my eye make-up which took the most time as there were a lot of steps involved but this is the part I enjoy doing most as you can get really creative with it! The eyeshadows used here were Wedge, Blanc Type, Wedge, Retrospeck, Shadowy Lady and Rule.

smokey purple eye look (1280x853)

On my face we used Studio Fix fluid, harmony blusher to contour and margin blusher (which I pretty much fell in love with as soon as I saw it). I also had Boldly Bare lipliner, Pure Zen lipstick and Nectarsweet lipgloss on but I had something to eat soon after the lesson finished and I didn’t have all of the products to be able to reapply them for the photos grr!

Chelsea was very helpful, answering any questions I had and she was really patient, not being too pushy if I got something wrong or frustrated if I didn’t do something a certain way. She was actually very complimentary of what I was doing and made my experience there really enjoyable.

The products I ended up picking up with my £50 were Wedge eyeshadow, Margin blusher and Pro Longwear foundation.

Have you had a lesson at MAC? If you have, I’d love to know what you thought of it. Leave me a comment or tweet me at @beasbeautyblog if you’d prefer.

Thanks for reading!

Bea x

2 thoughts on “MAC Make-up Lesson

  1. Saniya Bhatnagar

    It is awesome that MAC gives paid lessons..In my country it doesn’t :/ My HG foundation is the MAC Studio Fix Fluid :)

  2. melli

    Sounds like a great experience! & I absolutely love the eye look – it makes your eyes pop :) I wouldn’t mind paying the fee either since you get it back in products.

    ☮ ♡ :) melli —


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