HOW TO: Clean Make-up Brushes

When you’re first getting into make-up, the last thing you think about doing is washing your make-up brushes but in realtiy, it is so important. Not only so they can do their job properly but for your own personal hygiene and cleanliness too. Using dirty make-up brushes, especially face brushes, can spread bacteria which aids the unwanted clogging of pores, leading to some nasty breakouts.

When my brushes are due to be cleaned, I usually put them to one side so I know not to use them until they have been cleaned. I try to clean my foundation and concealer brushes about twice a week and my eye brushes I will clean as and when it is needed but if I have been using cream products, then I will clean them much more often as bacteria is more easily spread through cream products.

dirty makeup brushes (1280x853)Most people that are interested in makeup have their own cleaning regime that they are comfortable with but for those that don’t, these are some of the easiest ways I have learnt to keep on top of clean brushes.

how to clean makeup brushes (1280x853)

Spot Cleaning

If I am going for a spontaneous night out and need clean eye make-up brushes quickly, I will spot clean them using MAC’s Brush Cleaner which I just apply to a cotton pad and rub the brush onto until the brush appears clean. This only really works with brushes that have had powder products on them in my experience as I have found a better way at cleaning foundation and concealer brushes or other brushes that have held cream products.

cleaning eyeshadow brush (1280x853)

Deep Cleaning

I normally like to deep clean by make-up brushes before I go to bed so they are dry and fresh for me to use in the morning. For eye make-up brushes, my preference is to use baby shampoo to deep clean but if you don’t have any, regular shampoo or liquid soap will also work fine. Baby shampoo is just more sensitive and is less likely to dry out or damage the bristles.To deep clean, I usually run a hot tap, squeeze a pea sized amount of shampoo into the palm of my hand, swirl the brush into the product whilst running it under the tap until the brush is completely clean. Once clean, rinse off your hands and make sure all of the soap is washed from the brush.

For foundation and concealer brushes, I use a different method. I like to use a few drops of cleansing oil on the brush before introducing any shampoo or hot water to clean the brush. The oil helps to break down the cream product making it easier to part with the bristles and it makes washing the brushes so much easier. I have been using DHC Cleansing Oil which I got in a Glossybox to do this and it has been working great for me. Any brand cleansing oil should be fine! Whatever suits you is what you should use.  And then I give them a quick rub on a towel and leave them to dry overnight.

How do you clean your make-up brushes? If you have any helpful tips and tricks, feel free to share them here or on my twitter page here.

Thanks for reading!

Bea x

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