Recipe: Tomato Quinoa

Over the past few weeks, as I’ve been getting more and more into cooking, I’ve wanted to experiment with preparing healthier meals for both myself and my family. A food I have recently discovered and become slightly obsessed with is Quinoa. As well as tasting great, it is also extremely good for you. Quinoa is very high in protein and is also gluten free so the health benefits are brilliant.

On it’s own, I’ll be honest with you, it doesn’t taste all that great. But I don’t think it’s supposed to be eaten on it’s own. I know many people find it a really good addition to salads and other cold food but my preference has been to eat it hot alongside chicken or some sweet potato. Here is the way I have been cooking it recently:

pizza quinoa (2) (1280x853)


This is a really simple recipe which you can add anything you want to. Like I said, Quinoa isn’t supposed to be a stand alone dish so you can really do what you want with this!

To serve 4 people you need:

100g dry quinoa

Passata (to taste)

75g cottage cheese


- The proportions you will need are 5 parts water to 1 part quinoa. Rinse your quinoa before adding it to a pan of boiling water.

-Once the water is boiled, bring it down to a simmer and leave for 20 minutes or until most of the water has evaporated.

- Once the water has evaporated, add the passata until you are happy with the taste of your dish

- Finally, add your cottage cheese. This is optional but I added the cottage cheese to make the quinoa a little creamier and add a different flavour.

pizza quinoa (1280x853)It’s as easy as that :) I baked some sweet potato to go with mine and I’ll be having it for my dinner tomorrow!

If you have tried quinoa, let me know how you like to cook it. I’d love to know some other recipes :)

Thanks fo reading

Bea x


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