Links I Love #1

One of the nicest things about being a part of the beauty blogging community is having the power and ability to share other blogger’s work and acknowledge when they have done a good job or wrote something you really liked or agreed with. I think in a world where blogging is now a part of many people’s everyday vocabulary, it can be so hard to get noticed so to give each other a step up every now and then can’t be a bad thing can it?

links I loveSo without further ado, here are some of the links I’ve been loving recently!

Girl Uninterpreted

girl uninterpreted

Natalie’s blog is a recent find for me and I knew as soon as I started reading her posts that this is a girl who I will enjoy following. Her writing style actually reminds me a lot of my own which may be why I’ve been liking her blog so much! She mainly posts about beauty with a touch of lifestyle thrown in for good measure.

Write Like No One’s Watching

write like noones watchingI have been borderline obsessed with Charlotte’s blog for quite some time now. As part of my job, I have to find bloggers to take part in our blogger outreach programme which is how I came across this blog and I have been hooked ever since. She blogs about parenthood and lifestyle with a couple of beauty posts here and there which are always a treat.

Averie Cooks

averie cooksThis girl’s baking is just crazy. I am a keen baker myself (although I am nowhere near as talented as this lady) so she manages to make my mouth water with every single thing she posts. I plan on trying out one of her recipes next week so stay tuned for that! To top it off, she also takes some of the most amazing pictures I have ever seen. Granted, they are of food but they are good nonetheless!

Mascara and Maltesers

mascara and maltesersWhat can I say, Belle is a total enabler. So many beauty items have made their way onto my wishlist because of this girl! If you love reading up on all things beauty then Belle is a great resource of knowledge for this and she is also doing a little series called ‘The Weekly Wax’ where she shares her favourite candle scents and it seems we have similar taste in candles so it would be rude not to give her a little mention :D.

Share the love people! Leave me a comment down below sharing some of your favourite reading material!

Thanks for reading!

Bea x

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