Review: Revlon Highlighting Palettes

A couple of weekends ago, like many other lovely ladies, I took advantage of the Boots 3 for 2 offer and picked up the new highlighting palettes and a lacquer balm which I have been dying to try out. Revlon released two shades of the palette, Rose Glow and Bronze Glow, both of which are pictured below along with swatches. To look at, they are reminiscent of Bobbi Brown’s shimmer brick and they have the same kind of concept.

photo (1)



I was excited to try these highlighters as Revlon has really upped their game recently and have brought out some amazing products, many of which have made it onto the blogs of many of us deeming them ‘essentials’ and ‘favourites’. Unfortunately, I don’t share the same enthusiasm for these highlighters. And that pains me to say that because I really wanted to like these.

revlon highlighting palettesThere is no doubt that they look lovely in the packaging. Like little shimmery pieces of heaven. Which they are. They’re just a little too shimmery. The glitter in these palettes is just a bit on the chunky side for me and although it does give a really pretty glow to your make-up look, it isn’t really subtle enough to wear during the day as if you don’t apply with a light hand, you can end up resembling a 90′s disco ball.

revlon highlighting palette rose glow (1066x711)


Rose Glow

revlon highlighting palette bronze glow (1066x711)Bronze Glow

The purpose of these highlighters was not to give large amounts of colour pay off and pigmentation but the colour they did offer (Rose Glow, I’m looking at you) were disappointing. I do actually quite like the look of Bronze Glow, especially when I have a little fake tan on as it does help me to look healthy and glowy and it would be a great product to take on holiday for that reason. So I’m wondering whether or not I got a dud product with Rose Glow as the formula for this one seemed really different and a lot harder to blend.

As for longevity, I had no issues with how long it lasted. I normally test products on a work day so I will apply my make-up around 6:45am and take it off around 15 hours later. These highlighting palettes probably lasted around 8 hours which was good enough for me.

If I was to recommend anyone to buy one of these, I would say try the Bronze Glow, especially if you have a darker skin tone. But overall, I was disappointed by the Rose Glow and the amount of chunky glitter that was in the product. It did seem to overrule any of the other pigment or textures that might have also been in the palette.

Do you have any of these palettes? What do you think of them?

Thanks for reading!

Bea x



One thought on “Review: Revlon Highlighting Palettes

  1. Veronica Greulach

    Aww this is kinda sad because they both look so beautiful! But then again, I’ve heard many say that they don’t even like the Bobbi Brown ones either!

    xoxo, Vero.


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