Review: Lush Mask of Magnaminty

Since Christmas, I have been a bit of a self confessed face mask junkie. I will read review after review of popular face masks, deciding which one I can get my hands on next. Lush is a brand I haven’t invested much in as I literally get a head ache from standing in the shop for too long due to the combination of scents but it is all together impossible for me to walk past without having a nosey and this particular product got me intrigued. Anything that smells minty is a-ok with me and this product has that box well and truly ticked- hence the name Magnaminty.


lush mask of magnaminty


Lush says the mask of magnaminty is “A multi-purpose mask with a mixture of gentle yet effective ingredients to clean, calm and clear the skin.”

I’ve never been the type of person that could just leave their skin alone and have it look clear and radiant, 24/7. I’ve always had to take care of it as best as I can. It goes without saying that like most people, not all products agree with my skin and I was wary about using this at first as when I first applied it, the peppermint scent was so overwhelming, my eyes started watering a little bit. So I thought, if this is the effect it has on me now, I really hope it isn’t too strong for my skin.

lush mask of magnaminty contents

Thankfully, the strong peppermint smell subsided and after 5-10 minutes, the mask dried, letting me know it was ready to come off. So I took to it with a warm cloth and I was actually so surprised at how soft and clean my face felt afterwards. Not only that, but I also felt like it reduced the amount of oil that was produced throughout the day, for a few days after using it. I’d be interested to find out whether anyone else experienced that too!

I have used this mask a few times now and I’m happy to report that you do get used to the smell. Of course, if you’re not into mint and you really can’t abide the smell, I would probably stay away from this as it is far from subtle. But the effects of using this mask are brilliant and I certainly have no complaints. After using this, I am definitely interesting in trying out some of the other face masks that Lush have to offer.

You can buy this mask from Lush for £5.25 which I think is a steal. You don’t need a lot, you can use as much or as little as you want and if you only use it once a week, like I do, then I’m sure you’ll get a good few months out of this.

Let me know your thoughts on this if you have tried it and recommend any other Lush face masks that you like!

Thanks for reading!

Bea x


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5 thoughts on “Review: Lush Mask of Magnaminty

  1. beautybnk

    I was eyeing this up on Saturday, think it might have to be a purchase! Or ‘Cupcake’! Xo

  2. honestyisabeast

    This mask and Cupcake are my favorites! I recommend giving that one a shot as well, it’s good for oily skin and redness :)

    • Looks like Cupcake it is then! :D xx

  3. Kristen

    Great review! I am so into masks at the moment too!

    This one sounds devine (& it’s a plus that I love peppermint).

    Come and say hi

    ♡ Kristen

  4. Vale

    I heard wonders about Lush beauty masks but never tried any yet !

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