My Top 5 Mac Eyeshadows

Like most of the beauty blogging community, it’s safe to say that I own my fair share of MAC cosmetics. I built up a collection which took me about 4 years, most of which consists of eyeshadows and other eye products so to have to choose my top 5 favourite ones is a bit of a challenge. I have never shied away from using a bit of colour in my make-up looks so my picks may not be for everyone but some of these are products I’ve had since I first started really getting into make-up and some are products I have recently fallen in love with but what they all have in common is that I tend to reach for them on a regular basis.


top 5 mac eyeshadow

From left to right: Expensive Pink, Woodwinked, Sumptuous Olive, Stars n Rockets, Trax

top 5 mac eyeshadows 1

Expensive Pink is a colour I’ve had on my list for quite some time yet it took me ages to actually get round to buying it. A few weeks ago, I was doing some online shopping and decided to finally purchase it and I’m so glad I did. I wasn’t expecting it to look the way it does for some reason. I was expecting something a lot brighter and more fuschia toned but I’m so glad that it’s a lot more subtle with a gorgeous rose gold mix that makes the most of any eye colour. See me wearing this shade in my Friday’s Face post.

If you haven’t heard of Woodwinked, where the heck have you been hiding?! This product has received some amazing reviews and for good reason. It is one of those products that is so unique and different that I have never been able to find a good dupe for it anywhere and I kind of wouldn’t want to. It is a warm metallic gold which turns almost copper in some lights which looks absolutely stunning.

Sumptuous Olive is a colour that my twin sister bought for me for my 17th birthday and I think this is the second MAC eyeshadow I ever owned and I still love it to this day. My eyes are green so any eyeshadow or pigment with a green or olive hue gets a 10/10 for me as I think it complements my eye colour so well. Not only that but the texture is so buttery soft that it takes no time at all to blend, offering a soft and smokey look, perfect for both day and night.

I bought Stars n Rockets whilst I was doing some duty free shopping in Manchester Airport last year, on my way to Turkey. I went up to the small MAC counter and asked the only sales girl who was there at the time ‘Can I please get Stars n Rockets eyeshadow?’ she looked at me with a blank expression and said ‘sorry I’ve never heard of that. Is it limited edition because I don’t think we sell that’ She then proceeded to ask me to point to a colour it’s similar to so I could choose another. I was actually pretty appalled by this as I thought Stars n Rockets was up there with the best sellers. Am I wrong?! Anyway, this is also another of those colours which can’t be copied as it is so unique with the pale purple/pink iridescence which has become very popular with me, every since I got my hands on it.

Trax is like my ultimate fall back colour. If ever I want to look ‘dressed up but not too dressed up’ (ladies, you will know exactly what I’m talking about) and I want to look like I’ve made the effort without looking over the top, this is the eyeshadow I reach for. Due to me having green eyes, I believe purples and greens suit me best and really bring out the colour so I pop a bit of this colour on my lid with a darker, smokier purple in the crease to create a pretty look, perfect for any occasion. Trax is a flat purple with hints of gold glitter running through it which are barely detectable once it is applied.

What are you favourite eyshadows from MAC? It goes without saying I have plenty more on my list that I am yet to buy so any recommendations would be great.

Thanks for reading!

Bea x

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4 thoughts on “My Top 5 Mac Eyeshadows

  1. Kristen

    Ah I love expensive pink and especially woodwinked! Haven’t tried the other 3 yet though! Will have to keep an eye out for them next time I go to M.A.C

    ♡ Kristen //

  2. Natalie

    I really want to get Sumptuous Olive! My bank balance is going to take a bashing this pay day! xx

  3. Josie

    Gorgeous selection, I particularly love that one on the far right!

  4. Fatbeautyx (@Fatbeautyx)

    They all look like gorgeous colours hun! :) I haven’t got any those ones! xx


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