Exfoliating 101

Exfoliating is one of those things that I always seem to overlook so I’m writing this post both for my own benefit and others who may find this interesting. I seem to forget to exfoliate and it’s one of the things I always want to know more about. The only time I don’t forget to do it is before and after I have used fake tan which is every couple of weeks I would say but as the Summer months get nearer and nearer, I wanted to start getting prepared for it and that starts with my skincare routine. Not only does your body need a good scrub every now and again but so does your face, in between the cleanse, tone and moisturise ritual I have developed for myself. And when I remember to exfoliate my face, I do love the way it feels so it bugs me that I don’t do it more often!

exfoliating 101

Above are some of the products I like to use to exfoliate and moisturise my face and body: Lush Ocean Salt facial scrub, Lacura Aqua Complete moisturiser, Soap and Glory Pulp Friction and Botanics Rebalance body butter.


When I exfoliate my face, I like to set aside a good 15 minutes so that I’m not rushing and I’m really taking the time to work with the products. I start off by removing all my make-up and cleansing my skin, making sure that it is totally bare. Once I’ve done that, I take a damp hot hand towel and place this on my face for a couple of minutes to open up the pores, ready for the Ocean Salt. Making sure that my face is still damp from the hot towel, I take a small amount of the Ocean Salt on my fingertips and rub it into my skin in circular motions until I feel the salt start to disintegrate and it changes to a paler colour. This can take a good 5 minutes until I’m totally happy that my face has all been covered. I then take the hand towel and wipe off the Ocean Salt and apply a generous amount of moisturiser as I find exfoliating can leave my skin feeling a bit tight so this helps to keep it looking as healthy and glowy as possible.


As I said before, I usually exfoliate my entire body before and after I have used fake tan. You can read more on how I prepare my skin for fake tan here. A product I have been loving to do this recently is Pulp Friction by Soap and Glory which not only smells phenomenal but it doesn’t feel horrible and scratchy like some exfoliating products do. It is fine enough to use every day but rough enough to give yourself a good scrub and you get quite a lot of product in one tube so I’m guessing it will last you a long time if you use it as often as I do. The best time to exfoliate your body is in the shower, well, for obvious reasons but the heat will ensure your skin is supple and you can easily rinse away any little grains which may be left on your skin. I have a sponge which I keep in the shower that I use with this product as I feel it gives me more control over where the product is going. I make sure to concentrate on my elbow and knees as that is where my tan starts to go a little patchy when it begins to fade. Once you are happy with where you have exfoliated and you have stepped out of the shower and dried off,  I always like to apply a nice creamy body butter, to lock in any moisture and keep my skin from becoming dry.

What are some of your favourite exfoliating products?

Thanks for reading!

Bea x

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2 thoughts on “Exfoliating 101

  1. Rebecca

    I need to try the pulp friction, it sounds amazing! I love the body scrubs from the body shop, the lemon one is my favourite :)

  2. amycino

    The lip scrub looks lovely, I tried making my own once except I just ate it. Hahaha. Thanks for sharing this lovely post :) Amycino xx


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