MAC Neutrals

Like many other girls first getting into make-up, MAC seems to be the be all and end all of all our hopes and dreams. If you don’t own anything from MAC, then quite frankly, your collection isn’t worth very much. At least that’s what I used to think. For years, I have been purchasing the various different shades that MAC has to offer and building my collection slowly but surely. With every recent addition, I have had to make room in my bulging palettes. This is the first of my 3 palettes which is home to my neutral eyeshadows, all of which are from MAC.

neutral mac eyeshadow palette (2)

There is a nice mix of matte and metallic shades in this palette and like many others, these are the kinds of colours I reach for on an every day basis. I like to keep my metallic and satin shades to the left hand side with my matte shades on the right, just so I know what’s what.

Some of my favourite metallic shades from this palette are:

neutral mac eyeshadow palette (1)

From left to right is All That Glitters, Woodwinked, Twinks and Patina.

All That Glitters is one of those shades that you can wear on it’s own to work or out shopping and it looks completely natural and makes you look so awake which I love. I also really like to wear this for a night out and blend it out with some darker colours, right in the crease, for a defined, smokey look. I can’t say enough good things about Woodwinked. I think most people who have tried MAC eyeshadows, have this in their collection as it is one of their best sellers and for very good reason. It is a gorgeous rose gold shade which is so unique and I’ve not seen anything quite like it from any other brand. Twinks was the second MAC eyeshadow I ever bought and I have never looked back. It’s a metallic purpley brown shade which really brings out the green in my eyes and looks gorgeous just worn on it’s own. And last but not least is Patina. I didn’t quite know what to do with this shade at first as I didn’t quite know whether it was a gold or a taupe. I wear this really lightly on my lid and blend it out with a a cool toned matte brown, to define my crease. I wear this more often than not for work and have received so many compliments on it so it must look ok!

Here are some of my favourite matte colours in this palette:

neutral mac eyeshadow palette (3)

From left to right is Wedge, Saddle and Swiss Chocolate.

Wedge is literally THE most perfect crease colour when you’re going for a toned down day time look or if you’re wanting to wear this for an evening look, I like to use this as a transition shade, preparing my eyes for the darker colours I’m about to put down. Saddle is unfortunately not available to buy in the UK so my Granma kindly brought this back for me on her trip to America last year. This is the perfect warm brown which looks really natural when blended out and I also like to wear this on it’s own on the lid with a black eyeliner which always looks really striking. Finally, Swiss Chocolate is a shade I have had for a couple of years now and I bring it out when I fancy doing a really blown out smokey eye which needs to be blended out with a warm toned shade.

Which are your favourite neutral eyeshadows from MAC?

Thanks for reading!

Bea x

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8 thoughts on “MAC Neutrals

  1. VC

    I think woodwinked is the first MAC eyeshadow I purchased. It’s one of my all time faves. I’m getting ready to get Satin Taupe and Soba next!

  2. Simona

    The palette looks really good, definitely something I would be interested in since I only buy neutral palettes, so I’m definitely thinking about buying it.

    xx L’extravagance

  3. Dani

    I love all the shades in that pallet! I need to get my hands on the woodwink

  4. Rebekah

    I love a bronzed eye make-up look and these colours are no exception!

  5. ellievweston

    I’ve been looking into starting my Mac palette for ages now and I haven’t got around to it yet. All that glitters and Twinks are particularly gorgeous! I can’t believe I wasn’t following you on GFC, I’ve sorted it now :)

    Ellie xx |

    • It’s like my baby haha I honestly think I look after my make-up more than myself!

  6. Stacey

    Hi Bea!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog and leaving your link-you have such a lovely blog! Will be subscribing as soon as I finish typing this!

    I have 3 Mac Pro Palettes too! I love them so much even though they get filthy! My fave neutrals are shimmery shades-Phloof, Woodwinked and Sable!

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict xx

  7. Katie

    Woodwinked is my fave!

    Katie Loves | UK Fashion & Beauty Blog

    BlogLovin’ : Katie Loves


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