AM-PM Make-Up

am to pm makeup (3)

Having a full time job really makes you realise how precious your time is. I get up an hour and a half before I set off for work and the majority of that time is spent showering, doing my hair … Continue reading

My Favourite Hair Products

favourite hair products

As a typical girly girl, when I find a hair product I like, I usually stick to it. Especially as I like to wear my hair in lots of different styles so knowing I can depend on certain products to … Continue reading

Friday’s Face


It’s hard to believe that at the beginning of the week, I was enjoying the sun and sea air in Llandudno, celebrating Tom’s 28th birthday and now I’m sat at home resting my legs, which still don’t seem to be … Continue reading

Review: Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep

pearl drops beauty sleep (1)

Ever since I first found out about teeth whitening products, I was immediately put off by the idea that I had to sit there with this gunk in my mouth for hours on end. Of course, not all products are … Continue reading