2015 Must-Have Accessories for Gorgeous Summer Looks

Accessories are one of the must-have items each woman should own in her closet. They serve to spice up any dull look, adding a new and an updated vibe. In this post, we have found 14 must-have accessories for 2015 that you should invest in!

1. Cute Sunglasses with Round Frames from Miu Miu

The round-formed frames of Miu Miu sunglasses, made of acetate, are embellished with metallic arms. Achieve a versatile look by embracing these black sunnies both at the beach and when strolling around the city.

2. Max Fedora from Eugenia Kim

The Max fedora, embellished with black feathers, is made of hemp and fastened with the help of a band to provide an ideal fit. It may create a casual vibe when sported during your holidays.

3. Straw Hat from Tomas Maier

Without any doubt we can’t stay indifferent to Tomas Maier’s effortless and elegant approach to the design of the hats. Being made of straw, the wide-brimmed fedora is embellished with a chambray band.

4. Cotton-Made Scarf with Prints from Balenciaga

Having a frayed embellishment, this grey-toned scarf with prints is made of subtle cotton and may be considered one of the must-have accessories for a gorgeous summer look. You may easily put this Balenciaga scarf on your shoulders and feel cool and stylish.

5. Leather Belt from Givenchy

Being made of leather in a black shade, this stunning belt from Givenchy is spiced up with white-toned edges to create a striking touch. This accessory may be teamed with a pretty dress or a cute coat.

6. Diamond Earring from Yvonne Leon

Enjoy a fabulous accessory heritage from Yvonne Leon. The diamond earring is encrusted with pearl carats and is pulled off as a stud on your ear for a glamorous look.

7. Leather Wallet from Givenchy

Having a look at these wallet at the front, you will see a taupe shade, while the back part id in a black tone. The zip is with a red embellishment and a tiny pocket inside.

8. Feather Earrings from Isabel Marant

To embrace a bohemian-inspired gorgeous look for summer, purchase these feather-embellished metallic gold earrings from Isabel Marant. Resembling a plate and having a chained detail, this must-have accessory is worth your attention.

9. Black Headband in Leather from Fendi

This cute headband is made of black leather and is embellished with soft prints. The glamorous accessory will provide grace to your beautiful tresses. Due to the flexile band in leather, this Fendi hair accessory provides a great fit.

10. Diamond Ring from Elena Votsi

To symbolize grace and elegance, this Elena Votsi diamond ring, created in a Grecian style, may be your best accessory choice for summer. It is embellished with striking diamonds for a gorgeous hint.

11. Pearl Cuff from Yvonne Leon

For an updated and a chic look, opt for a pearl cuff from Yvonne Leon. The gold is encrusted with pearls, which may be rocked as an ear ring or a piercing.

12. Straw Hat from Philip Treacy

This wide-brimmed hat in an adoring pastel shade is decorated with rosette details. The straw hat from Philip Treacy is one of the must-have accessories for a gorgeous summer look.

13. Silver Necklace from Pamela Love

Pamela Love shows her great taste when designing this silver necklace. For an edgy vibe, wear this stunning jewelry around your neck and team it with outfits, having a plunging neck.

14. Metallic Bracelet from Valentino

The metallic brass is the base of this astounding bracelet from Valentino. It has a starfish form and may be rocked both during the day and night.
Don’t hesitate to invest in any of these must-have accessories and create your gorgeous look for summer 2015.