3 Outstanding Fall 2014 Fashion Combos With Skinny Jeans

Fall is here and probably you, girls, are wondering how to update your wardrobe. We have come up some super nice and budget-friendly ideas to turn your appearance into a stylish version of a fashion model. Affected by the latest trends in street fashion, we have decided to give you some wonderful hints that involve our favourite skinny jeans. So, check out our 3 outstanding fall 2014 fashion combos with skinny jeans. See what suits you more and give it a try, too!

1. Skinny jeans with bright blazer

Sculpture your perfect shape with your favourite pair of skinny jeans. Add a bright and smashing blazer in yellow to put an accent to your happy mood and jolly soul. Why yellow? This nuance is superb for the season. It suits almost all kinds of complexions and hairstyles. It is a brilliant memory of the sunny summer and it fuses into the fall yellow-brown-orange natural palette. Don`t forget to add some yellow high heels – better in velvet – and modern cat-eye-styled leopard glasses. As to the bag, consider this retro smart version of latest Victoria Beckham`s models.

2. Skinny jeans with oversized sweater

If you haven’t heard yet, the oversize trend is a top fashion rule for the Fall/Winter 2014-2015 season. Pair it with your skinny jeans to add some more freedom-oriented and casual air into your personal style. We`ve chosen the fluffy and comfy white sweater alternative, but you can go for a more vanguard conception or a creative pattern in your favourite shades. Add the necessary accessories – a teenage-styled scarf in neutral colour, a large bag to put your beauty products and of course – the knitted hat that will suit your slipshod curly hairstyle. The military tomboy ankle boots are must!

3. Skinny jeans with layering

It is well-known that the biggest names in high fashion today – from Tom Ford to Alexander McQueen – have established a new rule into street fashion. According to it, layering is highly recommended. As a matter of fact, layering your upper style part with skinny jeans could be the winning combination for your everyday casual outfit. The easiest way to layer clothes with skinny jeans and comfy high-platform urban shoes is to go like this. Choose a striped T-shirt, shirt or cotton H&M blouse. Mix it with a long and warm cardigan. It`s autumn after all! Add even more layers by picking up a gorgeous winter scarf with fringes – they are very in fashion, too – and finish with a school shoulder bag. If you see it a bit neutral and boring, give it a try with a bright and large knitted hat again.

Last, but not least! Don`t forget to improvise. That is what contemporary street fashion is great about. There`s no obligatory rules to follow, but only smart guides to unlock your personal imagination. Use it, girls! That`s how the original style comes up!