5 Absolutely The Best Clothing Cleaning Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

As a woman probably you have met with the struggles like hard stains on your clothes or just on your favorite piece of clothing and maybe you have try do clean it but nothing? From now you do not need to throw away your favorite clothes there are few insanely smart and absolutely the best cleaning hacks that will make your clothes shine.
These tips are must-know for every woman, i m sure that if you learn them the laundry time will be never the same. Enjoy

1.How to remove makeup stains from clothes

Lipstick – Did you accidentally touch your boyfriend shirt with lipstick ? No problem. Spray some hairspray on the stain and let it act 10 minutes, rinse the dirt, and then put the clothes on washing as usual.

Mascara – Mascara stains are very persistent, whether we are talking about regular mascara, whether we are talking about waterproof mascara formula. Do not rub the stain of mascara down, because you increase the risk of staining the area. The best thing would be to pour a little cleanser on a disk and patiently dissolve the mascara stain, and then wash it with detergent to clean the dirt.


2.How to clean and recondition a leather jacket

Do not use chemical cleaning products
Leather jackets can catch the odor, may be stained and dirty, but may even mold in the closet, if are not properly stored.
If you want to clean a leather jacket properly, do not use any handy detergent as natural leather material is quite demanding.
A baby shampoo or a  solution made of mild soap and water  may be more indicated than dry cleaning, especially if the leather is smooth, calf or other  kind of leather which is cleaning pretentious.


3.Laundry bleaching solution

If you do not want to use simple and corrosive commercially products , and  other natural solutions do not fully satisfy you, there is an alternative for whiter and and brighter laundry.

Very very hot water
A cup of powdered laundry detergent
A cup of powdered dish washer detergent
A cup bleach or chlorine
½ cup of borax

Leave the laundry to soak in this mixture of solutions for as much time as possible from several hours to overnight for best results. If there are colored spots, the laundry has to be soaked in the solution for more than 3 hours, and if you just want a lighter shade, 3-4 hours are enough.


4.How to remove coffee stains

Baking soda is an excellent ingredient in the household. Escape of coffee stains using a paste made from water and sodium bicarbonate. Rub the stained area, then put the clothes on washing.

Surprisingly or not, the egg yolk can be used to remove coffee stains. Beat well the egg yolk, then soak a towel in it and put it on the stained area. Leave it to act for one minute. Rinse thoroughly with water, then enjoy the result.


5.Household uses for aspirin

Cleans yellow underarm stains
Crush two aspirin pills and mix the powder with a little hot water, then wipe this solution on the sweat stains which appear on white clothing. It is better to soak in the aspirin solution the stained areas before washing the clothes.

Removes egg stains
If you have clothes stained with raw egg yolk, an aspirin dissolved in a little warm water will remove stains with this solution.