5 Must-Know Makeup Hacks for Blondes

The blondes are always at the spot of attention because of numerous reasons and first of all because of their unique hair color. However, blonde-tressed women don’t have to preoccupy much about their hairstyles when there is an easy trick to go for, which is the makeup. Pairing the subtle makeup with the golden tresses, you will skip looking insuperable and unpleasant. Though you may rely on your tested way of makeup application, you should also pay attention to these must-know makeup hacks for blondes.

1. Blonde-haired women should opt for nude tones, which may be either light or medium. In case your blonde hair color is on a cool side you had better experiment with nude pearl and grayish-brown tones. In case you own a warm blonde shade, opt for bronze and brown hues.

2. The blondes may have a temptation to create makeup in dark tones for a dramatic vibe, experimenting with black shades. However, we should admit that is one of the great mistakes you will ever make. The choice of the mascara tone should be according to your lash and skin color. In case your lashes are blonde and skin is fair, you are recommended reaching for brown-toned mascara for a natural look. Women, having a skin in a medium shade and lashes in brown, should opt for black mascara to accentuate the eye lashes sins an overpowering look. For extra definition, reach for mascara with lengthening and volume-enhancing features. Pay attention to the tip, if you want to achieve precision and divided eyelashes.

3. It’s worth considering one of the must-know makeup hacks for blondes and defining the brows ideally. After achieving a perfect shape, reach for a brow gel to emphasize your stunning brows and to soften your features. After the gel becomes dry, it makes your natural brow tone a bit darker. In case you want to bring your blond-toned eye brows into a shape, keeping its light shade, you had better reach for a light-colored gel or fill in with eyeshadow.

4. To rock a smoky eye makeup and keep it natural, you are advised to carry out an essential makeup hack and try taupe tones. Finish the look with brown or black eyeliner to create a smudgy effect. For a sweet look, you should apply the eyeliner on the external eye corner.

5. When choosing a lipstick shade, you should consider the tone of your makeup, hair as well as eye. Blonde-haired women, having stunning blue eyes, may achieve a striking look, using a lipstick in a cherry shade and applying eyeliner with wings. In case you are more prone to nude tones, look for a lipstick in a peach or rosy shade. Skip applying nude-toned lipsticks in order not to spoil your entire complexion.
Instead of combining just several products and creating a casual makeup, you had better consider the best makeup hacks, which are a must for blondes. Don’t forget about stunning heels and a faultless skin for a vampy look.