5 Things You Should Avoid That Are Bad for Your Skin Which You Had No Idea About

The skin a part of the body that reveals so much for us and our . It is a part that really needs care and this is a fact. A lot of women did not realize the importance of a skin care nor the bad daily habits that really can affect our skin. We want to make you aware of the possible bad habits that maybe you do not even know that you are making and that are bad for your skin. Below you can see the list of a few bad things for your skin.

1.Speaking on the phone

Speaking on the phone seems harmless in general, but not if you do not disinfect it first. In fact, research has shown there are more bacteria on your phone, than on the toilet seat in your apartment, so you can already imagine how much bacteria are crawling there regularly. Just make sure you clean it with a wipe or some kind of disinfectant at least once a day. This way you will easily keep your face clean away from bacteria.


2.Taking hot showers

When you treat your body with hot water you actually remove the natural oils it has, which means that your skin is getting drier and drier. So do not make the water too much hot. source

3.Squeezing your zits

When you squeeze the zits, you open up your pores, which are already irritated by some bacteria. And if you squeeze it you can inflame it even more. To stop this habit of yours, clean your skin instead and apply face cream regularly on it.


4.Not getting enough sleep

f you regularly sleep less than 6 hours per day, you will soon notice how tired your skin would start looking. You can easily avoid this by sleeping at least 7-8 hours a day.


5.Face towels

You need to make sure your towel is absolutely clean before you use it in order to prevent any kinds of bacteria spreading on your face after the first time you have used the towel. So do not share it with other and be sure that you use it just once for the best skin care.