50 Of the Coolest Haircuts for 2015

New year and new season make us seek for fresh looks and exquisite styles. It may refer not only to outfits and makeup, but to our hair, as well. We are in a constant search of interesting hairstyles, and these 50 cool haircuts for 2015 may be your great source of inspiration.

1. 2015 offers you a great chance to experiment with a wavy bob hairstyle in a new and updated style. Middle section your bob hairstyle and you will create a fabulous look.

2. Textured bangs are your chance to modernize any cute haircut. They will spice up both short and long hair without depending on the texture.


3. Create a shocking look with one of the coolest haircuts by wearing a fuller-looking hair with much texture and paired with fringe.

4. It’s rather easy to maintain a mid-length hairstyle with a middle section and sported in a messy way.

5. To create a dramatic vibe, you had better experiment with a deep side section. It may embellish any haircut, from loose to updo, creating a fascinating impression.

6. To embrace a natural look with a trendy hairstyle, you may opt for a long haircut put behind your ears.

7. Each woman may wear a short haircut styled in a sleek way and achieve a cool look.

8. If you are brave enough to cut your tresses too short, rock it in a funky style. Opt for a cute undercut on both sides and make the top longer.

9. An ideal blowout may be your guide to a screaming look. Style it with a side section and add a side fringe to get a gorgeous vibe.

10. The combination of a wavy hairstyle with a full fringe is a great option for a cool and chic look in 2015.

11. Bangs swept to one side are again dominating for 2015. Teamed with a chin-length bob haircut, you will embrace a subtle look.

12. To modernize a long and loose hairstyle, you may add a middle section and bring your look to perfection.

13. If you have doubts whether to go for short hairstyles or experiment with long ones, you may give a try to a middle sectioned mid-length hairstyle.

14. To embrace a cool look, rock a grown out pixie hairstyle with a brow-grazing side fringe.

15. Cut long layers and let your hair loose, add a messy vibe and rock a cool look for 2015.

16. Get your inspiration from men and pull off one of the cute haircuts for 2015. Make the crown a bit longer and go short on the sides and at the back.

17. In case you are not prone to wearing bangs, swept to one side, you may go for another fabulous version and play with your long layers.

18. Make your stunning wavy hairstyle look modern and cool by going for the same-length haircut.

19. To resemble a princess, opt for a side-sectioned wavy hairstyle, adding a bit volume at the roots.

20. Long haircuts are always trendy and cool. Paired with a full fringe, this haircut will give you a modern look for 2015.

21. Choosing a haircut getting to your shoulders may be a great option for a cool and glamorous look. Experiment with it for 2015 and you will look your best.

22. Embrace a simple look by pulling off a middle sectioned shoulder-length hairstyle with tousled waves.

23. To look like an angel, you may try an angled haircut and add bounce to your hairstyle. The angles come to soften the face and give an alluring vibe.

24. Adding a messy texture to the chin-length bob hairstyle, you will get a modernized and a chic haircut.

25. You will never look boring when dying your hair in a brown shade and cutting at the shoulder-length.

26. Fashionable and chic look may be achieved by rocking a cheekbone-grazing haircut with a full bang.

27. The disheveled wavy hairstyle doesn’t require much styling effort in the morning. Besides it is chic and trendy for 2015.

28. To rock a bowl-resembling haircut, you should have self-assurance and a brave character. It is one of the courage-requiring haircuts, worth wearing for 2015.

29. Shag hairstyles continue ruling even in 2015. They appear in an updated form and manage to hide the imperfections of the forehead.

30. Messy hairstyles don’t cease to amaze us and make try them for the coming season. Just add a middle section to the messy wavy haircut, getting to your chin.

31. Embrace a fierce look by making the ends of your bob haircut super blunt and opting for a middle section.

32. Even a pixie haircut is able to give you a feminine vibe if styled in a proper way. The grown-out pixie, touching your brows will enhance your graceful look.

33. Not to look soft and sweet with your haircut, you may add much texture to your disheveled waves and accessorize it with a side fringe.

34. To create a luxurious look, rock gorgeous waves, inspired by the 70s and add a graceful touch with a middle section.

35. You should definitely give a try to a choppy haircut and draw attention due to the middle section.

36. For a careless and fascinating look, reach for a flat iron and sport one of the coolest haircuts for 2015.

37. To make your locks healthy, you should go for regular trims and keep your long tresses super amazing.

38. For a cool and effortless look, you may spice up your bob hairstyle with a side-swept fringe and add a messy vibe.

39. To be proud of your long tresses, make them sleek and create a side section, putting the front part behind the ear for a striking look.

40. To give your look an edgy vibe, add a long fringe to your chin-length bob hairstyle.

41. Embellish your long tresses with waves in a retro style and experiment with a side section for a glamorous look in 2015.

42. Make your hair as striking as possible by rocking a cute bob hairstyle in a messy way and with a teased back.

43. Add spikes to your short pixie hairstyle and reveal your stunning undercut. Make your hair go higher for a glamorous vibe in 2015.

44. Rock your chin-length bob hairstyle with much texture and with a side section. Add disheveled waves for a romantic vibe.

45. Let your waves fall loose and add subtle highlights to look ethereal and cool for 2015.

46. Rock a powerful parted hairstyle and sweep it to one side, adding glamorous curls at the ends.

47. Spice up your super sleek hairstyle with a cute braided section and get an instant glamour, paired with a bold lipstick.

48. Create a gorgeous appearance by sporting one of the coolest haircuts, paired with a short fringe and thick brows.

49. The textured updo hairstyle with a parted fringe will give you a rockstar look for 2015. The grown out fringe will enhance the beauty of your lob hairstyle.

50. To give your long hairstyle extra volume, trim several layers at the crown and part your fringe for an extra charming look.

Being entrancing and gorgeous, it’s rather difficult to make a proper choice which of these coolest haircuts to try for 2015.