7 Cool Sneakers For Real Fashionistas

Sneakers are not only a sporty shoe type, which may be worn only at the gym, they are also one of the feminine and classic types when paired with right outfits. If you are tired and bored with the traditional ways of wearing sneakers and seek for unexpected and unique interpretations, concentrate on the combination of sneakers and blazer. After experimenting with this exquisite style, you will feel cool and shocking. In this post we will provide you with the best selection of cool sneakers for real fashionistas.

1. Adidas Sneakers

The leather material provides these sneakers with a smooth touch, while the lace up detail helps to create a stunning design. The surface is designed in a pallid purple shade, while the sole creates a fabulous contrast.

2. Reebok Sneakers

These comfortable and lace up sneakers are created with the help of a matte-toned leather in a coral shade. The sole is offered with much texture and the cuff is shaped perfectly to feel cool.

3. Adidas Sneakers

If you consider yourself a real fashionista, invest in these Adidas sneakers, designed in a soft pink tone. The extra texture of the sole makes these cool sneakers comfortable for long runs. The lace up detail adds a feminine and casual vibe to these sneakers.

4. Nike Sneakers

If you have plans to climb the mountain or attend the gym, have a look at this fabulous option offered from the runways. The exquisite sole design and combo of orange and pink shades makes Nike sneakers look more modern and jovial.

5. Nike Sneakers in Synthetic

To achieve a cool look in the street, pull off this glamorous pair of Nike sneakers. They are created in lovely ombre tones, playing with light grey and pink colors. They will look gorgeous when worn with a cute top and stylish pants or shorts.

6. Nike Sneakers in Various Colors

Feel free to experiment with this screaming pair of sneakers for a rejuvenating vibe. These Nike sneakers are created in bright tones, pink, orange and blue. The sole is provided with much texture, which gives extra comfort to your feet.

7. And Other Stories Sneakers

Real fashionistas had better sport these screaming sneakers in white and black tones. Rush to the street, pulling off this leather and lace up pair of cool sneakers with round toes.

Being a fashionista means that you should give a try to every rare and unreal-seeming outfits and shoes, which are proved to be outstanding and trendy. These cool sneakers are worth your attention for an interesting and tricky look.