7 Pretty Spring/Ready Colorful Manicure Designs

If you can’t make a right choice of manicure designs or you are totally ready to play with all colorful shades, offered for this spring, these pretty nail art ideas will be the best solution. Teaming various manicure tones together is like embellishing the clear base with polka dots or creating stunning prints with a sponge. All you need to rock this astounding trend is to reach for three distinct tones. Thus, take your guide from these pretty spring-ready colorful manicure designs.

1. If you face difficulties in choosing a single mani shade, give a try to colorful polka dots and embellish the nude base with them. Your nails will look chic and interesting.

2. Adorn your nails with various nail polishes. Opt for a blue mani on one finger and try the metallic silver on the other one. Accentuate your ring fingers with a spring-ready manicure design, created with sponge. Thus, you will have four colorful designs on your nails.

3. Pairing a criss cross nail art with colorful studs on the white base, you will embrace one of the pretty spring-ready designs.

4. You may opt for a purple manicure as the base shade and draw small flowers on it. Match this spring-ready manicure design with a perfect blend of blue, purple and brown shades for an astounding look.

5. You can’t stay indifferent to glowy gemstones, applied on the white nail polish. You may choose gemstones in various colors and sizes and accentuate two of your fingers. This pretty spring-ready colorful design makes your nails stand out in their best way.

6. It’s a great idea to team several nail art designs together and create an admiring look for this spring. Apply small dots on the creamy base and combine this bewitching trend with a negative space nail art. The mixture of these manicure designs may be your best friend when looking for screaming vibe.

7. In case you aren’t afraid of pulling off a glittery nail polish on your nails, give a try to this bright-toned manicure design. To feel the spring touch on your nails, adorn your nails with colorful glittery manis in green, yellow, purple and pink shades. Make each of your nails get an astounding look by wearing lovely hues, suitable for this season.
Make your nails scream beauty, experimenting with any of these colorful manicure designs for spring 2015.