7 Signs You Are a Real Fashion Addict

The modern world revolves around fashion with style having a huge impact on almost every single aspect of our lives, be that traveling (we always try to look our best at the airport), cooking (there are food trends as well that we follow!) or working out (pilates or boxing? You wonder on the fitness trends and try to ditch those slouchy clothing pieces while working out giving your preference to stylish fitness outfits). Willy-nilly, everyone is somehow influenced by the up and coming fashion trends, and the social media massively propagating them. But are you a real fashion addict or just someone, who still has no idea who Karl Lagerfeld is or what a typical Seventies outfit looks like? You’ll easily find it out for yourself once you answer to these questions and get positive replies!

1. You Exactly Know the Dates for the Fashion Week Shows and Try to Not Miss Any of Them

Only real fashion addicts know how many times a year their favorite fashion house casts a fashion show to showcase the upcoming fashion lines. If you are a hopeless fashion fanatic, you’ll know by heart when the fashion weeks are held and may even try hard to sneak into a fashion show to experience it all live.

2. You Know the Upcoming Season Trends In Advance

As you watch those fashion shows, you also shape your taste around the evolving fashion trends and do your best to be the first to sport those geek chic and boho looks being the trendsetter among your peers. A real fashion addict clearly knows the up and coming trends, as well as ways of nailing them down in the most unique ways possible!

3. You May Save Up For Months To Get That Designer Piece

Not all of us may have the luck to afford buying every single designer piece we spot on the runway and like, however, real fashion addicts know how to save up for months to get their hands on that dream Chanel bag or Dior So Real sunnies. Saving up is an art that fashion addicts really master well.

4. You Always Have The Latest Numbers of Major Fashion Publications at Hand

Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire… You never forget to purchase the freshest issues of the famous fashion publications and read them while on the place or in bed. Although it’s the era of modern technologies and everyone learns about the latest news on the Internet, only real fashion addicts also try to get the print publications of their favorite magazines.

5. You Spend Most of Your Free Time On Instagram

Who doesn’t know that Instagram is one of the coolest fashion applications out there, perfect for inspiring us when it comes to daily looks and personal style? True fahsionistas have an account on Instgaram and follow the world-famous fashion houses, models and bloggers, trying to keep up with their glamorous lifestyles while also finding a good dose of style inspiration.

6. You Never Get Tired When Shopping With Your Friend

You can even consider yourself a full-time fashion consultant, as your close friend may always ask you to accompany her for shopping something cool for a certain occasion. And you never complain, even if you have to spend hours in the shopping malls, trying on this or that piece on the way.

7. You Take Way Too Many Photos Of Your Outfits

OOTD or MOTD? You try to follow most of the trends, shopping designer pieces or skillfully finding the more affordable alternatives and of course you always take photos of your outfits and selfies showing your new hair color and makeup look. You may even consider creatingyour own blog on Blogspot and uploading all those pictures for inspiring others like you on the Internet!