8 Lovely And Very Useful Beauty Tips That Will Solve Your Daily Beauty Routine Problems

Dear ladies this is one super cool collection of hacks and beauty tips that you need to know for far away improved beauty routine. From manicure advices to skin care there are 8 cool hacks that will help you a lot. The full instructions are given in the source link and we’re pretty sure that you will find something what you exactly need right now in these article below. See these hacks and enjoy!

2.Habits That Ruin Your Manicure

1. Mistakes during application

  • You don’t clean your nails

Before applying the nail polish, make sure your nails are well cleaned, possibly with a brush designed for this. Fat or other substances that are on your hands can make the nail polish applied not last more than 2-3 days.

  • You skip the base

Remember that before applying nail color, a transparent base is needed, because it protects the nail from the harmful effects of the nail polish, and prevents yellowing.

  • You apply a too thick coat of nail polish

If your nail polish doesn’t have a high covering power or you’re simply looking for that flawless finish, apply two thin coats of nail polish, waiting for the first to dry before applying the second.



  1. Mistakes after application
  • You use your nails as tools

Nails shouldn’t be used for opening boxes or scratching. A destroyed manicure is the easiest thing that can happen, because peeling and strong impact on the nail can lead to rupture.

  • You don’t avoid intense heat for at least 12 hours

Even if it seems perfectly dry nail polish needs about 12 hours to be completely cured. The heat can interfere with this process, which is why you should avoid hot water, sauna or washing hands with hot water.


3.Eyeliner Mistakes You Didn’t Even Know You’re Making

1.You use a single contour line

Shaping the eye should not stop at a single drawn line. Just as Rome was not built in one day, a perfect makeup can not be achieved in a simple movement.

2.You exaggerate on the lower eyelid

Lining your waterline, especially a with a dark shade, you can shrink your eyes. In addition, you can face along the day with unsightly traces, especially if you use a lot of color. A delicate and not very intense line is okay, but preferably not line the inner eyelid, but just below it. You can also use an eyeshadow in a shade of dark gray, blue or purple. And if you want to give a special glow to your eyes and make them look bigger and brighter, use a white or gold eyeliner on the lower eyelid. The effect will be spectacular!

3.You draw shaking lines

It is, indeed, quite frustrating to remove dozens of times the applied eyeliner because you haven’t drawn it as you should. But it is better to be a perfectionist, than let it irregularly and unevenly applied. This will provide an unsightly and unkempt appearance. To apply a straight line you must practice. Also, do not pull the corner of your eye, because when you will let go, the  skin will form small dimples that will ruin your straight line. Chin up, look down, eyelids half closed and apply eyeliner. If you are starting out, use a pencil first, then a liquid eyeliner with stable peak, and then progress toward liquid eyeliner brush.


4.Painless Lip Hair Removal

The needed ingredients are:

  • 1 tbsp of flour;

  • 1 tbsp of sugar;

  • 1 egg white.

    follow the source link for instructions


5.Make Your Nose Look Smaller With Contouring Tricks!

Things you need for contouring.

1. Contouring brush.
2. Concealer.
3. Highlighter.
4. Bronzer.
5. Clear Mirror.

follow the source link for instructions


6.Perfect Arched Eyebrows Makeup TUTORIAL For Beginner


7.Top Secret Things That Women Do to Look Beautiful


8.How to Help a Good Foundation

If you know the right way to apply the foundation you will be surprised who much it can do for your skin and your look