9 Cinnamon Uses in Your Beauty Routine

Being one of the tasty spices, cinnamon is also known for its beneficial qualities for your skin and beauty due to their antimicrobial and antifungal features. Cinnamon is also a great antioxidant, which is fabulous for the skin. Thus, here are 9 cinnamon uses, which can be applied in your beauty routine.

1. Cinnamon as a Bronzer

To add brightness to your face even on cold winter days, you are advised to opt for cinnamon. Blend it with nutmeg and corn starch, adding cocoa powder, as well. In case you want to make your skin look darker, you should enlarge the number of cinnamon. But if you desire a lighter color, you should use much corn starch. Finally, apply cinnamon like a bronzer on your skin.

2. Make Your Red Hair Look Lighter


Women with red hair may reach for cinnamon and use it in their beauty routine. You may make your hair shade lighter by mixing conditioner with the conditioner and wear a shower cap. Wait for 8 hours or spend the night in it and after washing the conditioner off your hair in the morning, you will be able to enjoy bright tresses.

3. Cure Infection

Cinnamon is packed with curing features, which combat infections. Enlarge the use of cinnamon in your diet and drink cinnamon tea in case you suffer from yeast infection. Adding cinnamon in the porridge or spicing up your peanut butter with it is a fabulous option to go for.

4. Cinnamon as a Lip Balm

Cinnamon may be used to prepare a DIY lip balm, which will be pleasant even when licking your lips. However, if you are able to make it stay on your lips for a long time, you will make your lips look healthy and gorgeous. Mix cinnamon (1-2 tablespoon) with coconut oil and prepare a delicious lip balm.

5. Cinnamon as a Powder

To add brightness and shine to your face, you may blend cinnamon (2 tablespoons) with corn starch (3 teaspoons). Dip your powder brush in this mixture and apply the product on your skin to get shine. You may create wither lighter or darker effect by playing with the amount of cinnamon.

6. Cinnamon as a Scrub

Prepare a DIY facial scrub with cinnamon and clean your face from spots and dead cells. Blend cinnamon with sugar and add coconut nectar for an amazing scrub. Apply the paste on your face and go for rubbing. After washing it off your face, you will make your skin softer and healthier.

7. Cinnamon for a Fresh Breath

If you are tired of using toothpaste to refresh your breath, you may reach for cinnamon. Combine lukewarm water and cinnamon (1 spoon) and wash your mouth with it. You will definitely see a great improvement in your breath.

8. Cinnamon and Honey against Acne

To give a new life to your skin and fight against acne scars, you may opt for another beauty use of cinnamon. After mixing cinnamon with honey, you may spread it on your face and after waiting for 15 minutes, you may rinse it off. Carrying it out for several times a month, you will have less acne scars. You will also stay away from breakouts due to the antimicrobial features of cinnamon.

9. Prepare a Mask with Cinnamon and Oatmeal

In case your skin is oily, don’t hesitate to apply cinnamon with the combination of oatmeal. This mask will get rid of the extra oil and soak the moist. Add lemon to this mixture for a better result and enjoy your fresh-looking skin in 20 minutes.
Thus, rush to your kitchen and find out whether there is cinnamon there or not. Take all its benefits and use them in your beauty routine.