A Mom And 3 Daughters Never, EVER Cut Their Hair. When They Turn Around? Wow!

Dear friends dear fashionistas and dear readers we are so happy to share with you one amazing video story. Have you heard about Rapunzel? Who can forget the stunning princess with her beautiful, tower-long, golden hair? So yes this was only a fairytale but now just watch the video and we are proving that the rapunzels are reality.

Enter Tere Lynn Svetlecich Russell, a 43-year-old mother of five who has three daughters. Together, with her daughters, they are known as the Rapunzels of Illinois. You’re probably wondering, “How long is that hair?” The mother’s, Tere Lynn, measures in at 74 inches (approx. 6’2″). Her eldest, Lynn, is the same length while the middle daughter, Cendalyn, measures in at 36 inches (3 feet), and the youngest, Chesney, measures in at 26.25 inches (2’2″). take alook at the video below and enjoy!

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