After Seeing THIS, You’ll Never Use Cotton Swabs To Clean Your Ears Again

Hey dear friends what is the most common hygiene method for cleaning your ears. We can guess as usual and as we are doing you are using using a cotton swabs. When it comes to ear hygiene, you could be doing more harm than good with your current cleaning regimen. The ears are an extremely sensitive and delicate area, and as such, you should take precautions and do your research before attempting to clean them yourself. If great care is not taken when cleaning your ears, it could result in impaired hearing, infection, and/or painful long-term damage.
When you swab your ears after a shower, you remove cerumen, otherwise known as earwax. Cerumen is a healthy feature of the inside of your ears. It’s protective and antibacterial. It originates near your ear drum and slowly pushes its way out, becoming dry and then simply falling out. This is the normal process of ear maintenance.

What happens when you use cotton swabs?

1 Cotton swabs are a no-no!

Many are unaware, and many are not ready to listen to their doctors who urge them not to use cotton swabs.


2 Ear canals are not meant to take any “thing” inside.

The cotton swabs can, in fact, push a greater part of wax deep inside your ear.


3 Ear wax is defamed unnecessarily.

Ear wax performs a very important function of keeping the dirt particles away from the ear drum.

4 Best time to clean?

Ears clean themselves by cycling wax and pushing the unwanted wax towards outer canal naturally. So all we need to clean is that outer area. –


5 Wax is not the reason behind blockages.

Wax is produced in the outer canal. So, the only reason behind blockage can be a frequent use of cotton swab.


6 Home remedies for cleaning.

The above remedy is the easiest as well as the cheapest way to clean ears


7 Oil

Baby/mineral oil can also be safely used for the cleaning purpose. The only thing you should keep in mind is to check if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. You can use this by dipping cotton in the oil and applying on your hands an hour before the application in ears. another way of cleansing comes by the usage of hydrogen peroxide



You will need a doctor to perform the irrigation by the method of syringing


Consult a doctor!

If the above-mentioned methods are not working, you should consider taking proper medical care