Alberta Ferretti Cruise 2016 Collection

Ok we have fashion news that we’re very excited about! One of our most beloved fashion labels finally launched its new resort 2016 collection.  Of course, we are speaking of the new Alberta Ferretti cruise 2016 collection! A sneak peek at the new line signed by the label is enough for one to get into the summer-vacation mood. With a bohemian flair and an inspiring safari style the new line comes to change our perceptions of cruise collections of 2016. As fashion followers might have noticed the latest fashion lines for resort 2016 were more or less in classic dark hues and only very few of them were in distinguishable warm colors. Well, luckily the new Alberta Ferretti cruise 2016 collection is among the energizing, colorful fashion lines!

As you can see colors and prints are the two main components that make this new line a stand out for the season. Also style and comfort play a big role when it comes to this specific line. Well we have to admit that the famous fashion designer seems to have found the perfect “recipe” for a cruise collection as when it comes to a vacation look style and comfort are what we are looking for. It should be noted that although soft summer colors are dominating in the collection the designer also comes up with a series of classic alternatives in an intriguing dark black that are totally worth checking out.

As you will notice from the first sight the new line launched by the label is all about outstanding maxi dresses that attract due to their boho-chic style. However our favorite and very practical denimwear isn’t missing either as Ferretti also comes up with new interesting interpretations of classic denim clothes. Speaking of the maxi dresses (which by the way are very popular for resort 2016) we would like to highlight the fact that Ferretti took a step forward by presenting jaw-droppingly beautiful options with printed skirts over cropped pants. The perfect combination for an exotic look, don’t you agree?

In general we have to say that there is no specific style that we can consider very typical of the new Ferretti collection. Instead each combination stands out due to its unique cuts and prints that make it totally different from other alternatives included in the new line. Thus whether you’re just interested to know what’s new in the fashion industry or are seeking for ideas that will inspire you to create your own resort look the new Alberta Ferretti cruise 2016 collection is definitely something that you should check out! So explore the new combinations delivered by the label and see which ones you’d rather go for.