Altuzarra Resort 2016 Collection

Fashion alert! We are super excited to finally present the new Altuzarra resort collection of 2016! A jaw-dropping mixture of abstract prints and trendy colors that comes to change your perception of high fashion! A sneak peek at the pieces of art shown during the show of the beloved fashion designer is enough to understand what the next summer is going to look like.

We have to admit that we felt flattered to see the image of modern, confident woman with the eyes of the talented designer and we have to say that what we saw was more than what we expected. This time we saw how simplicity can be presented so beautifully that it will actually look very luxurious. Thus including the most interesting interpretations of modernity the new Altuzarra resort 2016 collection seems offering what you need to dress to impress. From a slimly tailored white suit to eye-catching bright-colored maxi dresses there was a whole range of breathtaking fashion pieces especially designed for all style preferences.

As for accessories, there were mainly bags in classic shapes but the great news is that the label for the first time decided to include a clutch in his new line, a fact that all fashionistas will be very excited to learn about! Note that bags included in the new resort 2016 collection were in solid neutrals or bright leathers designed to add the perfect finish touch to the elegant looks pictured by Altuzarra. Furthermore what stole everybody’s attention at the show was a woven leather pattern that from the first sight looked like a diagonal zig-zag, but in reality it had the shape of the letters A-L-T-U-Z-A-R-R-A layered on top of one another. This was a very unique designing technique that left a big impact on everyone at the show. As the representatives of Altuzarra said the new collection was inspired by the minimalist artists and due to that striped designing styles, plated styles and geometrical shapes were mainly chosen to embellish the outfits included in the line. As for the shoes Altuzarra suggests cute feathered sandals designed with multicolored feather dusters that seem adding a playful vibe to the entire line.

Last but not least it should be noted that colorwise the new Altuzarra resort 2016 collection remained minimalistic as the designer had mainly used soft hues for most of the outfits included in the new line. Among the most used colors for the new collection were pale pink, red, cobalt blue and yellow.
If you haven’t checked yet the new line by Altuzarra then you have to do it right now, as this new collection is something that any fashionista has to get to know!