Amazing Travel Outfits for Busy Women

As a busy woman the last thing that you want to have to worry about is picking the right outfit while you’re traveling. Maybe you’ll be rushed into a meeting as soon as you land or you might be more interested in making your way to your hotel to get to sleep for the night. Below are some tips to take into consideration when you’re getting dressed for your trip.

Tip 1: Business-Comfortable

If you’re on a business trip where you’re either traveling with coworkers or you’ll be greeted by a coworker once you land, take advantage of a business-comfortable wardrobe. You may have heard of business casual before but business comfortable is maximizing the comfort of stretchy clothes meanwhile pulling off a professional look. This is where you’ll want to pay close attention to the materials of your clothing. Try to choose pants that are breathable, a shirt that is made out of soft cotton, and a breathable blazer as well. If the material stretches, that’s even better!

Tip 2: Dressing to the 90’s

Take the length of your trip into account when you’re getting ready, is it going to be a 9 hour flight or a 1 hour flight? The shorter your travel time, the more strict you can be with your clothing choices. For example, busy women that have meetings only an hour away can get away with wearing their business suits or skirt/blazer sets, whereas if you’re flying halfway across the world you’ll want something more comfortable. Dressing to the 90’s can be more convenient in some cases as you won’t have to worry about finding time to change out of your travel clothes into something more professional.

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There’s a common misconception that every company that creates loungewear makes their pieces look like pajamas. In fact, there are dozens of designers that create comfortable clothing that look modern and sleek, perfect for the everyday working woman that still wants to look her best. Try visiting stores such as Aritzia, Reitmans, or Laura to see if they have any comfortable and trendy loungewear that you can take advantage of while you’re traveling. This way you can be as comfortable as you can be without having to worry about looking like you just crawled out of bed. Plus, you can use these clothes again when you’re back at home and don’t feel like putting effort into dressing up to run errands.