Balenciaga Cruise 2016 Collection

Theresort 2016 fashion has officially announced its grand opening, as most of our beloved fashion labels are already presenting their suggestions for the next season.  So far we’ve seen all kinds of fashion projects inspired by different phenomenafrom art works of famous artists to the intriguing anonymity of street style looks. Well, this time we would like to have your attention on the new line launched by Alexander Wang, the Balenciaga cruise 2016 collection.

There are several things about this new line that we would like to especially mention. First of all we would like to highlight the fact that the new collection introduced by Balenciaga stands out due to its solid structure. Also as you look at the looks suggested by the label you realize how the designer managed to bring to life a line of stylish high-fashion pieces that seem to have guaranteed flawlessness and comfort. Indeed, relaxed style does not necessarily mean slouchy, neither sporty. Moreover as the lookbook presented by the designer shows that alternatives of a more relaxed style can actually be used for an elegant-chic look.

Luckily the famous fashion house has considered fashionistas with any style preferences and due to that the collection stands out from works of other signature names. Note that the designer this time is betting on cuts as most of the outfits included in the new collection steal attention due to their daring cuts. Conversely bold prints, bright colors are what haven’t been used for the new looks. Instead the fashion designer offers a series of delicate fashion ensembles mainly in nude shades, with the main focus on proportions. Of course, the classic black and white color combination also can be seen in many outfits included in the collection. However what we especially like about the new line is the way the designer managed to play with colors and styles ending up showing the most unique ways of wearing the latest fashion trends: classic colors and androgynous style.

Briefly said, strapless frocks, cute dresses with a romantic flair and laced pieces are just part of the magic revealed by Balenciaga. Also considering the emphasis on the heading-to-the-beach looks included in the line one can claim that with the Balenciaga cruise 2016 collection the designer was actually reintroducing swimwear, showing a brand new way of wearing a swimsuit (all credits go to the wrapped terry towel look for sure). As you know the modern fashion industry is all about provocation. So the more provoking the combos are created by our trust-worthy fashion designers, the better the results will be!