Beauty Tips to Combat Sickness

When being sick, you fail to look astounding. It is not easy to create a faultless look if you feel sick, but you have a chance to conceal several symptoms just by going for essential beauty tips. If you have fever or deal with a runny nose, you should opt for these beauty tips to combat sickness.

1. Provide Your Skin with Hydration and Moisture

One of the main reasons of having a sick-looking face is dehydration. Enough hydration is the key to a healthy skin. Thus, you had better apply as much water as possible or opt for herbal teas. Don’t forget about moisturizing products and stick to thick-textured ones, as they are great for cold weather conditions. Use moisturizer before sleeping and let it stay on your skin during the whole night.

2. Apply Blue-Toned Eyeliner

If your eyes are inflamed and high in blood because of illness, you may go for one of the beauty tips and combat it with blue-toned eyeliner. It will brighten your eyes and diminish the ruddiness. However, in case your eyes are exposed to irritation, you had better stay away from liner. But if your eyes are runny, you may experiment with waterproof eyeliner in a blue shade.

3. Apply Cold Creams to Combat Puffiness

One of the best beauty tips to combat eye puffiness is reaching for teabags. You may also combat it with eye creams, which are cold. Keep it in the fridge and get rid of the tiredness of your eyes. When dealing with nasal congestion, use an additional pillow and it will prevent puffiness.

4. Get the Right Type of Concealer

When catching a cold, your nose will become red, thus there is a need of applying right concealer tone. Stick to an efficient beauty tip and apply concealer in a yellow shade to combat sickness. Opt for a product, which provides full coverage. If you have doubts, reach for a shade lighter compared with the tone of your skin to be able to conceal the redness.

5. Don’t Ignore the Primer

When being sick, you should definitely go for primers. It’s crucial to reach for primers designed for eyes and lips, as they are your secret to soft-looking eyes and defined lips. If you ignore primer, you will face problem with sneezing and all your makeup will be spoiled.

6. Stay away from Powders

As your skin will be exposed to dryness when being sick, you should skip using powders. Replace them with foundation or stick to BB cream to achieve a perfect coverage. Substitute powder with blotting papers to get rid of the shine from your face.

7. Reach for Lip Gloss

Though lip primer will give your lipstick a long life, you had better opt for a lip gloss. This product will provide your lips with enough moisture and give a fresh touch. Before the application of a lip gloss, you may use a lip pencil in a nude shade.

8. Combat Dark Circles under the Eyes with Orange-Toned Product

If you feel sick, you won’t be able to sleep in a proper way and there will appear dark circles under your eyes. To combat them, you may reach for another beauty tip and use an orange-toned product. You may achieve perfect results with eye brighteners which are in an orange tone.

9. Make Your Lashes Curly

In case your eyes are prone to irritation when using products, you may stick to lash curler. This beauty tip will enlarge your eyes and make them look stunning sins mascara and even eyeliner.

10. Never Ignore the Eye Drops

To diminish the sick look of your eyes and give them brightness, you should reach for eye drops. Have them at hand and provide clearness to your eyes.
Thus, diminish the symptoms of sickness and create a gorgeous glow with these efficient beauty tips. Though you won’t be able to get rid of sickness altogether, you may at least combat them and make less evident.