Best hot curly hair styles

Most girls envy those women with extra straight hair. Probably, the fuzzy and messy curly hair style sometimes just makes them mad and crazy. Indeed, curly hair can be quite unruly. Though, here is what we think – you are totally blessed with your natural curly hair! Other women should envy you, because you have a sexy look that many cannot achieve even with the best professional curler or metal curlers. Once you figure it out what the best curly hair style for you is, you will finally start loving your curly Sue-styled hair! For this purpose, we have decided to pick up the best hot curly hairs styles. We will divide them into two main groups – curly styles for long hair and curly styles for short hair. So, let`s get started, dear curly chicks!

Curly styles for long hair

1. Long blond curly hair in a la natural style

If you wonder why Shakira has won the sexiest guy from Barcelona, here`s one secret – it`s not just the cute bottom, but it`s also about those golden curls around her cute face. There`s nothing special in this curly style for long hair. Just shape your curls, use a good hair spray and keep your hair messy and provocative.

2. Curly ponytail

For those girls, who really have problems with the messy hair, we suggest picking it in a ponytail. However, please don`t ruin your fancy curls, but let them fall naturally from your back. For a better a result, tie a ribbon right upon your ponytail.

3. All them up!

Last, but not least, keel your curly hair in a stylish bun. Though, leave some of the curls to hang them right on your head. This awesome curly style for long hair has become quite popular after Rihanna had made it her favourite video clip makeover.

Curly styles for short hair

1. The sweet pixie cut

It`s as feminine as any other curly style for long hair. Even though, having it as different version – curly style of short hair – you will get that sexy look Halle Berry still attracts men with. Keep it messy, but in a strict order. This short haircut will look amazing with awesome earrings, by the way!

2. Wavy romance from the 60s

This curly style for short hair definitely gets the best of our favourite Desperate Housewives. The classy thing about this gorgeous appearance is the charm coming back from last century and the memory of Merlyn Monroe. There`s nothing difficult in this curly style for short hair. Simply, use the diffuser to thump your shoulder-length hair!

3. Afro craziness

Women with diva nature will love it! This curly style for short hair is a total madness. It definitely shows the most attractive parts of your face by keeping the eye on your beautiful eyes. Plus – you don`t need to comb it or doing something special. Simply, raise your hair as a solo element of your outstanding everyday look!
Do not hesitate to try all of these curly hair styles, girls!