Bold Runway Accessories for Your Holiday Looks

You have probably chosen your glittery holiday outfit: an outstanding gown to pull off to your twist of forthcoming concerns. Though the frock is a real screaming outfit for the holidays, the great responsibility of an outstanding look falls on the accessories. They will give animation and vivacity to each outfit and take your look to a new modern world.

To provide you with some inspiring details that will look perfect with any fabulous outfit, have a look at these bold runway accessories for your holiday looks.

1.  The White Toned Bag from Miu Miu

Miu Miu featured cute bags in a niveous white shade on the runways of spring 2015, becoming one of the bold accessories for the coming holidays. While you may skip linking this tone with cold winter, it will certainly provide a fresh touch to any of the outfits you pull off, such as a bold coat and chic booties.     

2.  The Double Necklace from Marni

Embrace another bold accessory taken irectly from the runway. Marni offered a great option of a cute necklace and recommended pulling off a double necklace instead of one. This choker provides your look with a modern touch. To feel festive, you are advised to wear a screaming gold necklace.   

3.  The Lace-Up Shoes from Chloe

Lace-up types of sandals are a closet must for the coming spring. But in place of putting them on and chilling your toes on the cold days, experiment with a lace-up bootie and team with a tricky sock. Pull off this bold accessory, featured from the runway, with your festive gown and work appropriate pants or choose something else, as they allow you to be versatile.

4.  The Beaded Bangles from Chanel

Remember of your childhood by rocking bangles, adorned with bangles. Chanel managed to give them a modern vibe with numerous styling probabilities. Embellish your wrist with these bold bracelets and pull off a cool blouse without sleeves to make them stand out. A sweater, the sleeves of which are pushed up, will also be a fabulous option for beaded bangles.   

5.  The Retro Inspired Sunnies from Karen Walker

Your holiday look will be incomplete without such bold accessories as retro-inspired sunnies. When looking for a perfect holiday gift both for your friends and you, forget about your classic sunglasses and replace them with a modern version of sunglasses. The retro ones will surely give you a forward looking vibe.

Dare to look bold for the coming holidays, getting your inspiration from runway accessories. Give your party a new twist by adding any of these bold accessories, as they will help you feel stylish and surprisingly beautiful.