Calvin Klein Cruise 2016 Collection

According to the latest news, one of the most popular directors Francisco Costa collaborated with the artist Alice Lancaster ending up with a series of unique styles of clothes with breast-patterned pieces. By the way, Costa discovered Alice on Instagram, by the handle @ragingleisure.  Now as for the style description of the new line we would just add that the new Calvin Klein cruise 2016 collection consists of beyond-trendy T-shirt dresses over midi-length skirts with lines, a very elegant leather coat and also some very comfortable white-soled sneakers. Be sure, soon you’ll see these looks everywhere.

We have to say that even fashion critiques will share the same opinion that this is a new, very interesting way to illustrate nudity in a non-vulgar way. As for the models we have to say that no other model could be more perfect for the presentation of the new line launched by the label as they had the perfect shape to promote the new ensembles signed by Calvin Klein.

Well, it is worth mentioning that the new combo of black leather biker jackets with dresses of a modern chic style was beyond interesting. The label seems to be offering an alternative way to wear them both in important events and routinely. Of course, it’s undeniable that this style has been spotted elsewhere in the past, but it doesn’t mean that this style is cliché now. Conversely, it looks abstract enough and rather charming.

Turning to the color choice made for the new line we would like to highlight the fact that the famous label seems betting on classic color combos. From the first sight one can see that the classic black and white is the main color combination for the new collection and in a very few cases only there are some yellow or blue hints.

After all it is remarkable that the Fall 2015 season was all about risky blouses and shirts exclusively designed for fans of daring, edgy styles but none of the previous lines can compete with the eye-catching boob print clothing piece included in the new Calvin Klein cruise 2016 collection! Anyways whether it’s too provocative or maybe for some of us even uncensored one thing is sure, these new fashion ensembles come to break stereotypes!

After all do you think Instagram censoring will allow bloggers to share this new piece of art? Well the best way to check is to try posting it. So we leave it to you!